“What comes from the universe can not be denied or resisted.”

Many cultures have arrived at an understanding about the universal force, and where it comes from. In many books of the written traditions we see that this force is born from and of Fire. Nsambi to many Paleros and Kongo practitioners is none other than the Sun itself. Represented on Earth as green, life-giving nature, the plants from which we all we derive sustenance.

There is much confusion among people about the nature of Nsambi, and how it’s role has been syncretized within Mayombe to represent Jesus and the cavalry cross. With Diego Cao and the first “explorers” from Portugal the Christian iconography and symbols where imported into the Kongo. What everyone forgets to explain is that the true cross of Yowa is a perfect 360 degrees in circumference and  a pure 90 degrees from all four cardinal points.It’s cross is equal-armed, representing a perfect balance of forces and the central nature of Nzambi in creation. The symbol of the calvary cross is therefore inappropriate in Mayombe, as it is lacking the symbology necessary to communicate these mysteries in it’s symbol. Representing 13.7 billion light years of direction in all four corners of the universe, the Yowa cross is a perfect representation of the Macrocosm and, with proper understanding, the Microcosm.

The only other symbolic cross that comes close to this representation is the Greek cross–the Solar cross–which has been used in alchemy and many forms of practice to represent Man and woman in their role as mirror of God,  representing all that is in the universe.  In mayombe the crucifix has no real meaning, as it is not an accurate portrayal of nsambi mpungu(o). It is the Roman cross of torture, a terrible symbol to equate with the creative power of Nsambi. Unfortunately this symbol is similar enough to the Yowa that the Kongos of that time thought that these men were of God, and that therefore this symbol must also represent nsambi as the god within each man. It serves this purpose in Christianity, but it is not a correct symbol for Mayombe.

Nowadays the symbol of Nsambi is represented by the plants and the sun. Nsambi is the father figure of the community, and through it we find our own Being is expressed. Good or Bad nsambi created it as such and has its right to exist in this world. To say that Nsambi does not exist for a Palero is to negate his own existence in this world.  Nsambi nsuruku, Nsambiampungo muna longo, Sambia liri, many manifestations in the Kongo of Nsambi exist but he is God and we are part of that plan, and so as such the 4 winds drawn on the ground, with us standing in the center represents our place in the world.  Nsambi lives within and permeates each and every one of us.