Lemba Kongo Kriyumba engo Briyumba con Mayombe


Who are the Lemba Kongo?

Lemba Kongo Kriyumba Engo…. hasta que ntango nfuiri..

Lemba comes from lembikisa, which means “to calm” “medicine of government”, “government of multiplication and reproduction”, “calms the villages”, “calms the markets”. A major historic cult of healing, trade and marriage/social relations. Lemba unified many functions of human activity that are usually divided among discrete secular or religious institutions in modern societies. Lemba rites are in firm tradition with the the north of haiti as where vodou and Lemba have strong elements that are intertwined in its rites. Lemba Ngoma is the drum of affliction, to calm and heal also to bring pain and dispair, depending on the Lemba who uses it. Most Lemba’s are identified by the charm pendants around their necks. Lemba is one of many ngomas but the Nkonzi Lemba is the slit drum that is not made by the living but by the dead or as we say the bakulu. We are the kongo cemetary and the secrets that live in the cemetary. From Lemba other minkisi’s are born and ngoma’s as well. We are said to have held the ark of the covenant secrets at one time. Though this can not be fully substantiated and most of us are not practicioners of the jewish faith we still hold the star of david in high regard as one of our symbols in mayombe oral liturgy. Lembas were have said to have been Zulu due to the close proximity in regions with lemba lore. Lemba Kongo is born from a Tratado of Nana engo in which was born from the river east of modern day Kinasha and the story entailed that when she was at the river Engo(leopard)Took her only son and the tribesmen of lemba went To look for Engo they found him belly full in a thicket sleeping. They captured him And killed him and only found the skeletal remain of the boy and in so we honor Nana engo.We also have a praise song that goes….Oooo Nana engo, engo Muruwanga, quimbomboro quimbomboro engo muruwanga. This is the Legacy we pass on to our bretheren. Know yourself and always praise mayombe.