Reading of the Year for 2018 for The House of Bejuco Nfinda Moana filo batalla Mayombe Sacarempeno

Nsala Malongo Guariakongo Mutambre nkisi.

I want to wish you all a prosperous New Year of many well wishes and good spiritual and physical health to all. This year is going to be full of spiritual enlightenment and accomplished goals. One of the things that we have to do is to let  go of things that are petty, In our lives we need to start to appreciate what we do versus the superficial of what can we get. In our mindset we have to embrace working hard to achieve our goals and receive the merits that will encompass our souls and give us purpose. This year working with simbi makinsola the simbi of love is where our strongest attributes will come from.  In the past we were telling our every moves to people we need to stop that and moving forward from this point on people are on a need to know basis in your life.


This years letter love is the key element in this years triumphs. Love of ones self, love for others, community, The earth, and all that dwell in truth and patience.  You can be the most isolated person in the world but we need to focus on spirituality. This year the Bakulu are key in reaching peace and tranquility. Please do not mistaken Egun for Bakulu. Venerated ancestors that were good and exemplary on earth are Bakulu. Any egun who did bad on earth are still considered egun. The Bakulu can never be bad they lose the title of Bakulu and never enter into their journey in space to become Lumine tetenboa(star in the sky).

Be valued by valuing yourself and others. To accomplish with this Baths prepared in front of the nkisi is what needs to be done.

Perejil/Italian parsley






A mamba to refresh your Ntu your head because this letter brings us a lot of self doubt and corruption of our sentiments. Physical and Spiritual sentient beings will be close to us this year and we need to start defining our spiritual goals. It is a time of great spiritual awareness. The Simbi Makinsola can be looked upon in bodies of waters, rivers, lakes, streams. The negative of this letter is that Jealousy, Rancor, and Greed can do away with all your spiritual works. Keep in mind of relationships and respect the other persons feelings on how they react to situations. Some awkward moments can come about if we are not clear on what we want to do in the world and with people in general. Illness talks about thrombosis of the veins and arterial issues if we are not careful with our health. Sudden fits of anger can cause heart attacks and strokes in this letter. Let us stay optimal and positive on our outlook in life.

There is a quote that says:

“If what you see displeases you close your eyes and look from the heart”

All the beauty that is manifested in life through working Mayombe can be yours full life, prosperity, spiritual health and well being we just have to believe. Our economy will suffer but we just have to work as a spiritual people to keep that in check. Homage the dead, the bakulu and simbi this year…..


Sambia to all….. I offer this to all of you in humbleness and peace. May you all be blessed.

Tata Musitu.



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