Reading of the Year 2017 for the Muna Nso Bejuco Nfinda Moana Filo Batalla Mayombe Sacarempeno

Buen Sambia, Buen Lumbo, Buen Candango!

Good god, Good Body, Good Nganga!


This Letter is very interesting for this year… In this letter it talks about the great mothers and ancestors of the world. One of the existing problems we have is people forget the great mothers of the world and now they are asking to be known and great detail must be observed in this. We are at the pinnacle of change and each 90 day Moon cycle this year will bring new challenges to our life. So get ready to deal with expected changes good ones and the not so good ones. Our bakulu this year is very prevalent we need to focus on what can we do to better our understanding with ourselves and with our ancestors.


To be focused on one of the things that we are expected to do is asked for to mend relationships with those people who are important to us. Now many of you may have problems that are not as easy as forgiveness. But one must try so when we die a good death we leave here free of fault and free of burden. This year offerings at night give the nganga, makutos, bilongos or any charm that has been given to you Nkuyos etc. We need to fully charge them with the cycles of the moon. Be careful with ignoring or your responsibilities to ancestors this year it will cause a lot of havoc and mayhem.


Progression in life meets with working hard and living a productive life, The nkisi say here one must meet the task at hand with commitment and hard work and embrace spirit. This year unpredictability is key. No one need not know your plans from footsteps to where you shop etc, Keep people second guessing and on a need to know basis. If not all plans with unravel and nothing will come thru. when you do your plans and actions be stealth, quick, and react like lightning and strike. This year will be a year of Money and commerce, Good business dealings and opening new markets of opportunity.


This year rompimientos and feeding your shadow are your best friends. The reason being this will be a year of being indecisive so if you are not ready to embark on any projects do not sign formal paperwork. Or get caught in promises you can not keep or fulfill. One of the major concerns in the final part of the letter is entrapment. Being entrapped and feeling obligated when your heart and soul are not with it. That is a sign of either something does not feel right or you are just not decided. All plans fall to the waist side if not confronted appropriately.

One must be careful with entanglements of the heart in which people are doing spiritual work to keep you in a relationship.  That is very significant in the relationship this coming year.Good time for people looking to any form of spirituality to balance your life and your choices in them. Initiations for balance and even presentations to the Monte, Hill, Ocean, all of nature has its set presentations. One must be mindful that in this letter stepping out of your comfort zone will be key to achieving goals and merits in your professional as well as spiritual life.

Things to watch out:

Brujeria this year people will test the waters good offense is a good defense. The great mothers are bringing in order so best thing to do is offerings to them and the Bakulu


Gossip: Steer away from gossip and all forms of entrapment and entanglements.


Health: All the orifices (openings to the body) must be taken care of watch for colds that become chronic.


This letter this year is a bit volatile due to the nature of our politics here racism will be fought with our bakulu and ancestors and not by beating the dead horse. The letter closed with this in mind we must keep our ntu(head) focused to our goals and merit it with hard work and good deeds.


                                                 Tata Musitu Muna nfinda Bejuco nfinda moana filo batalla                                                                                                                     Mayombe Sacarempeno




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