2016 Reading Of the Year Munanso of Tata Musitu Batalla Sacarempeno

Nsala Malongo Tata’s and Yaya’s from all around the world, I have been busy with a lot of work from my regular job that I have not had time to sit and write an article. But I will start doing my best to keep up with the site and overall educating the readers on Our faith and Tradition and culture.

Acaba Mundo Nkisi in which the consultation for the New Year was used.

Nkisi Mayombe Governing in ritual reading Tiembla Mundo(Pandilanga) Nfumu nkisi relating to the Past.

Nkisi Mayombe governing in ritual reading Mariwanga and Bakulu . Nkisi Moana relating to the Present.

Nkisi Mayombe governing in ritual reading Nsambia tubisi. The grand creator relating to the Future.


In the past we looked for government and law for relief in the crisis of everyday life looking for betterment, peace and solace to issues among the people. We looked to heads of state for answers. Study and introversion of the state of being was the call of the day as 2015 arose we saw a lot of strife and killings among innocent victims with the police and wrongdoing by our own statesmen and elected officials. spiritual baths were in order cleaning house, studying and looking for an entitlement and or a status to move forward in our lives and looking to better ourselves as a community. You have many now out there doing harm to one another and looking for a way to hurt others, Bakulu in this reading and this year will play an important role in our lives to reach our goals with family, friends and our ancestral heritage and culture. Palo Mayombe this year is going through a transformation of truth. Those who truly love and respect this culture and way of life will prosper those who do not will fall by the waist side.  This year Heavy spiritual works and craft will be done against innocent people. One must petition the Bakulu with fruit and wine and little offerings in the mountains and fields where you find tall trees. Weeping Willows(Jaguey) Ceiba trees Pal Ramon(Oak trees) our places of power and spiritual presence to work alongside and also leave offerings.

The Nkisi predicts a fruitful year of wonderful blessings and enlightenment if one stays focused on what is important in your life. Money is good but having a good reputation and honesty is the best method to combat lies and rumors. People can not be messengers of bad news or any news which involves the defamation of others. This year there will be a lot of climatic changes, earthquakes and water damage from flooding and also landslides of magnitudes never seen before in the world. Petition your ancestors for a better understanding of self and others. This year must be a year of healing and equality for all who dwell on our earth. Make offerings and donations to the sick and hungry that this is a good time to open the year with that done.  The cemetery this year is not the ideal place to visit unless totally necessary due to unforeseen death in the family or friends. Or if you are doing nsaras with Mariwanga. This year is a year to have a makuto made from the cemetery with , Ntoto(dirt) Nfumbe(powder bone) cuervo(crow), palo rompe muralla, and vence batalla. To combat malice and ill will against one’s self. This year is to salute the Sun and the Moon every opportunity you get so our prayers and messages reach Muna Nsulu(Heaven) all the divinities that encompass our world and the worlds beyond our understanding. I offer this as a humble offering to a many other munanso with their own letters and divinatory methods and views.


Twa Kwambila

Tata Musitu




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