Palo Reading of the Year for 2015

Sala Malongo Tatas, Yayi,Ngueyos and all.

Happy Holidays and all the best to everyone in the new year. While this year is about to approach I wanted to touch on a subject that we may start holding video classes soon free of charge. Also holding conferences to talk about Palo Mayombe in a more symposium like setting. I will be reaching out to a few Paleros to start the ball rolling in the new year and hopefully it can be beneficial to many others who are looking for an outlet of learning and comprehension.


Letter of the year for 2015 Nsasi  Nkobo Divination Clam Shell reading for Mayombe Sacaempeno hasta ndoki nfuiri muna lemba…

In this letter one is told that progression in life one must look away from things that are superficial things that make us want to be attached to the mundane. Many a times we tend to look for the easy way out instead of looking to hard work and the spirit. Sambranu states that when we look towards goals the finality of our process has to coincide with what we are setting our minds to do. In this letter spoken plans are no longer attainable if we look to accomplish our goals. Look for changes in variance of temperatures and a lot more electrical outages and lightning strikes this year.


This year one must walk with a Makuto of Nsasi to protect you from calamities of hardship financially and otherwise, Overall health must be optimum one must be careful with sudden anger fits which cause the body to fluctuate  blood pressure and may cause heart attacks and strokes.

Plants that are good for calming energy down so you can be focused on your spiritual Path. 

Algaroba, Mal Pacifico, Vence batalla, Vence Muralla, Croto, Ceiba. Siempre Viva, Pata de Gallina. 

This year is a time for modified eatting careful what you intake into the body. Avoid greasy foods and things that may cause your gut to have overwork. Nsasi is an energy of heat and so a lot of cool water, Coconut water and fresh juices like watermelon and kiwi good for the digestive tract. 

Upon casting this letter one of the major concerns is that this is the sudden factor that this is an unpredictable letter. Meaning that we do not know when and where things will strike and create a final result or it may create a new beginning. The Makuto of Nsasi in this letter is key especially if you are from a Mayombe House best thing for you is to have your elder make a makuto from the rastro of the prenda so it can have the ability and the quickness to counteract any negative  vibrations and people who are negative as well. This is the year to culminate in all aspects of religions and socio consciouness. There is a movement and this letter is in the precise setting for an internal and external revolution. 

In the times we live in today we need to be accountable for our actions. Do what you must in terms of living a good quality of life but do it from a place of good standings. Do it right and do it with love so that the critics can only spew a venom that is non toxic to the soul.

In this letter one must learn to let go of the past many of us have that problem due to the fact that some of us allow for the past to define what we are. We need to look more to the present so that our future is brighter and we can adjust to the upcoming trials that life at any time may throw at us. Ndozi (dreams) will be very prevalent in this coming year be frugal with money and do not over spend and be kind to others with a good word, good actions and the best of character you can give to humanity and those around you.


Sala Malongo I hope you that these words find you all in the best spirits and that each and every one of you move forward and triumph in the year 2015.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Twa Kwambila….. Tata Musitu 



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