When Palo Mayombe loses its logical basis, How do we as a community respond to the new inventions which can hinder our traditions?

Nsala Malongo and Happy Holidays,

I am indeed looking to enjoy the time of this month to all the festivities and enjoy my family and friends. Just sending out well wishes to everyone. As for this article that I am writing I want you to keep an open mind. This is not bashing the occultist of our time or people who practice Magical spiritual principles. But this goes out to all the priests who are inventing with Goetic practices, So called occultist who go and Mix and match Palo Mayombe to their convenience and then get angry when you get your card pulled.  Let us give a little background on what I am speaking on. 

Conversations come and go a lot of times you really have to be careful the people you encounter in this journey we call religion and insight. People look to Palo Mayombe as a fix all, Heal all and while many of our practices are used for the betterment of “Human Kind” you will see a lot of people looking for this connection of power and lust and the supposed hierarchy it brings. It is like super star status but if you are humble in your ways and wise in your time you can not build that on your own the community builds it for you. Thus it does not give you the right to trespass the boundaries of cultures with re-inventing religion to fit your “MODUS OPERANDI” and carry on like a crazy person initializing other practices of spiritual faith into Palo Mayombe. 

I am explaining this because origin is key when we talk about etymologies and the basis of what you are explaining. The study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. The origin of a word and the historical development of its meaning. That is an Etymology.

When we look at the basis of words and in contextual meanings then we have to look at what are we talking about. For instance the God Baphomet or the name Baphomet its origin of meaning has changed throughout the centuries. For the Knights Templar it was another meaning to say Mohammed. Before that  it represented the totality of the universe, Male, Female, all-encompassing good and evil. Seems later on he became the symbol to represent the church of satanism and the Anton Levy era. Whatever meaning it has to occultist, I respect and understand but my question to the community what does Baphomet have to do with initiatory rites in Palo Mayombe? In no way shape or form Baphomet is an Afro-Cuban Deity, Or I can go deeper and Afro Kongo Deity has nor been established to have a root with Baphomet so why this? 

Where are the supposed community leaders of palo mayombe who rant about every bad thing that happens and say well we don’t do this and we don”t do that. Oh those are the posers who behind a microphone, computer screen or any device work on this definition of the new “Palo Era” of 2015. The day I tell someone you need to wear a Dog Collar because you have a spirit that you have to attend like that. Maybe I should get them a leash and walk that idiot around the park for a little bit if they go on to believe that Bullshit. Shame on you supposed Elder for telling people such stupidity and then expect to be respected. What a Joke! 

Understanding that Catholicism had a big influence on other houses of Palo Mayombe with using christian iconography whether your Briyumba, Kimbisa and maybe some modern adaptations of some Mayombe houses. This falls into the practice that in Africa traces of those roots can be linked. Logical reasoning would dictate it as fact and ethnographers and historians can date back the use of crosses in Bantu practices.  But where does Baphomet fit in and dog collars? 


Reader be aware that this might cause tongues to fly and angry banter or some subtle backlash who the hell this person thinks he is. Well I will tell you a person who is concerned of the state of our practice. Nothing more Nothing less. 


Yo Simba, Yo lemba, Yo cautivo cosa mala.





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One Response to “When Palo Mayombe loses its logical basis, How do we as a community respond to the new inventions which can hinder our traditions?”

  1. TataRompePecho says:

    Lol Baphomet in Palo.. that’s just great. I’m Briyumba, Corta Lima to be exact, and we don’t even accept the cross in our munanso. This is due to the fact that the cross was used as a tool to avoid hardship with slave masters. We are no longer slaves, we no longer need to hide behind a cross in order to practice our faith. Now we do respect the SCBV who still actively use crosses, its just not our thing. But that was a necessary addition to our faith.. Why or better yet, how is Baphomet even relevant to palo? As for the dog collar, that’s just laughable what now we’re turning living humans into perro prenda? hahaha so many clowns.

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