Mayombe Practices are not made for Hollywood Paleros.

Sala Malongo Everyone and best wishes to everyone who follows my blog. I realized that being away from the blog many people were asking me when was I going to write again. The truth of the matter is that I started a new job and have been settling in to my new position and with that obligation it made it difficult to write. Nevertheless here I am back on the site to inform people. My topic for today is the Hollywood Palero. Yes you may know a few online or  the god awful books they try to sell the masses. Misinformed souls out there who try at every moment to get at this understanding they are the ultimate word in Palo Mayombe. Many of you may here the scare tactics from the Necromancers of today floating around with mpaka in hand waiting to shoot down anyone who is the voice of clear thought and reasoning. Mayombe was born from the conceptual side of healing within art its cosomograms, and pictograph art. It’s stunningly beautiful and elegant drawings. The music its vibrant culture with its connection to humanity and the human coming into being. How can people sell themselves like whores in a free for all to give and produce misinformation in the world? Yet wake up like they are the superstar of Palo Mayombe.

Some people have no dignity and no shame yet they walk around pumping their chests and flexing the spiritual muscle to take innocent people for a wild ride of money and lies to the public to cash out the wallets of the poor. Shame on the titles they supposedly uphold like Tatandi or Ndibilongos self-given to the ego that manifests within them. I shun those liars and plagiarist of faith and of moral who walk amongst the people and say that they are honest and law-abiding. Who live off of others and like thieves in the night take you for what you are worth. You know who you are I don’t need to mention names you Hollywood Paleros.   Nkumba-Nkumba who gave birth to all of us those who represent Bakongo and Kongo Cosmology and understanding that we were born together as a community how do we allow for these people to be a voice of many?(Nkumba nkumba was quoted from Kongo Graphic Writing and other Narratives of the Sign by Barbaro Martinez Ruiz)  Kanda means community so why not so many voices out there talking about it? Do something about these Hollywood Pranksters who have taken a lot of time and energy sucking dry the ideology that is Palo Mayombe. Its true purpose in life we anoint for lack of a better word initiates with the bones of ancestors to bring forth knowledge and understanding of upholding the Bakulu in honor and reverence.

So why is it so hard to wash the idea of Palo Mayombe as a dark force away? When we are all children of Mpemba (light) the stars that illuminate are the souls of our ancestors looking down on us. Yet people are sold on the charlatans of the darkside of santeria and the godfathers who utter that bullshit…….


I try not to knock anyone’s hustle but I am not sitting idle while people are full of misinformation. This and a few other sites that i can count in one hand have been voices against this type of narcissistic behavior from other suspecting paleros. So how do we explore new ways of thinking  which are old ways of thought in mayombe.

1) Stop allowing yourself to be pressured into believing that any Palero is the baddest in the planet. (that s straight bullshit in that house)

2)If you believe in your munanso you do not need to look for answers.( nowhere else your belief and trust should be paramount)


learn the person for who they are and what they can bring to the table, have believe in them because even the most lacked in experience may be the teacher for you. Steer clear of the hollywood paleros who are just selling pipe dreams and no truth is seen from there voice.

Tata Musitu


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