The Reading of 2014 and Enlightenment of the Soul.

Nsala Malongo Everyone and Happy 2014

As you can see we have come to the beginning of the year and it is time for everyone to brace themselves for some realities that need to be addressed this year. This year is the beginning of truths to be upheld and a spiritual awakening and hope for all people in the world. It is a time of spiritual awareness and holding your spiritual truths and observances to a higher standard of being. Anything that is held up to the truth will crumble this year. We can not remain voiceless or faceless in an ever-growing population of Naysayer and people who do not hold a spiritual truth to defend and hold true. Those who tightrope walk fences with their own demeanor should be prepared to face an onslaught of truth. This is a time to adhere to the ancestors with a higher understanding of what and who is Nzambi in our everyday lives. Libations to Casa Nzambi and prayers to exalt the most high is in order. Our relationship with Nzambi a Mpungu needs to be the focus of this year in our journey to understand self. To many a time people focus on the negativity of Palo Mayombe and in this year we need to bring spiritual affirmations to fruition. In other words we truly need to practice what we preach.

Spiritual baths are in order especially with ritual plants that are exclusive to a higher elevation, Basil and Everlast herbs to bring a stronger connection to our understanding of spiritual oneness in the world.

Things to avoid it seems that people are more communicative when gossip and or rumors are at the forefront of everyday life. Who does not like a good story? But are you going to be pro active in stopping this nonsense or are you going to follow the crowd? Simple remedy nip it at the source. Most times if a person says this person told me this about you. Here is what you do …. ( Hey lets confront them about what they said about me, If the person back pedals and says no then you know interests lie in creating conflict instead of fixing it).

It takes a person of strong character to do this but it is only fair to weed out the lies and deal spiritual truths. This year is a year of great accomplishments in business and moving forward in our lives. Reach for that goal that is attainable and move forward in professional and spiritual progression. Fall back into old habits that are productive and let go of new habits that are unproductive in your life. Many a times we see a new trend in Palo Mayombe I will worry about me and not care of humanity. Well this year is about giving to the community and understanding that one root has many vines which branch out to many who are looking for that spiritual help. Do not evade your calling because many are called but few are chosen. Any spiritual practice that you can find fruitful and meaningful in your life utilize it and connect to that spiritual self which lives in each and every one of us. Follow the advice of your elders and your Muna Nso. Adhere to the prohibitions given to you and do not stray from your spiritual path.  Tata Musitu.


I wanted to also address that we have just completed a Kikongo/Spanish/English dictionary on our site.  I wanted to reach out to the community if you have words with different meanings or would like to share with us your version of different words it would be greatly appreciated. Since Cuba has a dialect of Kongo/ Spanish words we are also looking to put Bantu spoken words with as much accuracy and literacy as possible would be greatly handled with the utmost respect. There is a problem with language especially when Nfumbes from foreign countries are added to nkisi in what language do we speak to them in? This controversy deals with the fact that a native tongue can be used like English to an american or english speaking people. When we incorporate energy what activates it to be sacred is not language but ritual and where it is held.  The bastardizing of languages is evident in all cultures who adopt and cross-reference other languages and with the inception of slavery and different ethnic groups there is no such thing as a sacred spoken language. What is sacred is ceremony and ritual. This is why a dictionary of Bantu/Kikongo terminology is a good reference guide for all who seek to better understand us and what and who we are. We do not offer secrets that is learned in a Muna Nso with your elder we are just offering a tool to help.

Blessings to all and a wonderful 2014 to all…



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  1. Great read. Where is the kikongo/spanish/english dictionary on this site?

  2. Tata Nkisi says:

    Bueno Saludos a todos los Tatas de este hermosa Pagina soy nuevo en este grupo y me gustaria saber su opinon sobre las personas que tienen Santo Coronado y no los Rayaron y despues se tienen que Rayar.

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