Looking for the future and what does it mean for all of us as Practitioners of Palo?

Nsala Malongo Everyone,

So I have been busy with a lot of work and I needed to go into the site and show my appreciation to everyone who sponsors us. When I started this site realizing what was something little in conception has helped many in a journey of spiritual awareness and teaching. Fortunately for many who can not contact me will know I am not an egotistical person. I always look for a bit of reasoning behind peoples madness. Lately a call for a new and realization of Palo Mayombe has shaken the foundation from where it stands. How can people be so blind to the ignorance of those who walk around in this religion taking people for granted, Ripping them off and claim to be an elder of this community. This is not only shameful for us but for those who allow for these people to go on preaching about how wise and knowledgeable is straight up crap. Yes crap because if you allow yourself to defend the undefendable that means you are just like that person. Worst off you are in cahoots as well and should be ashamed of yourself.  Its been a while since I wrote but it is time for people to realize that we are living in a spiritual awakening of truth. So when we look and give a blind eye we are responsible and if we do not accept that responsibility who are you to lay claim to being religious. In looking towards the future we have to see what are we willing to sacrifice to stand firm to our convictions?


This growing conundrum of faith and responsibility lies on our shoulders. Each practitioner by right is to stand up and defend his conviction to the very end. But some people would have you believe they want to help but are only lining their pockets with your hard-earned money. This Man Entuala Kongo Aka Domingo Bueno Lage is that such man. This man has led a campaign of defamation of character against me since 2005 and keeps on with his books and videos that are of misinterpretations and Lies to tarnish people’s lives. Yet he is a thief, a cheap magician, and has caused so much pain to many people who this article is dedicated to those who have been wronged by him. I call to the general public to ban his books and his false teachings and really get serious about looking to totally oust him from our community as a whole. Moving in a new direction we do not need to police people but I am advocating that my ritual right as a Priest is not to create a defamation of character but to represent the victims out there who have been taken by this Horse and Buggy salesman. I invoke my right as the first amendment of freedom of speech to warn people do not be taken by this person. He is a Liar and only wants to take your hard-earned money.


Looking towards the future we will be trying to create a legal registrar of practitioners who are part of the preservation of Palo Mayombe in all Practices and respecting people’s views and customs we will not be a watchdog or policing members. We will just try to recommend a form in which people can have a guide on how to make better choices and lead by example. I will not be on a critical witch hunt my purpose is to help victims of charlatans that will be our media directive and also a place for non practitioners to get literature and information about Palo Mayombe and its misconceptions. We will create a Media watchdog page and a Bi-line.

Understand people follow your ritual protocols of your Muna Nso and internal problems need to be fixed and sorted by elders of your own house. Please anyone who has any ideas, concerns or would like to share a ritual palo experience which has brought you good things please share… We need our community…..

Tata Musitu



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