When truth has no agenda then we can move to seek knowledge.

Sala Malongo everyone. As you can tell we live under a blind of deceit and lies from every part of modern society and every form of mediocrity that is in the known world. Many times we seek in a vast web of misinformation and misunderstandings that can unwind us and unravel our faith in Religion, Humanity, Culture and Community. Many years ago when I was presented to the elements and looking to move in my path of Palo I did not realize all the vastness and all the craziness in my journey. I am a member of Engando Cuaba MoanaFilo Batalla Mayombe Sacaempeno as an Engueyo first then as a Tata Nkisi. Then later in my journey I met with my Tatandi Muerto Vivo Ramon Herrera Kola who gave me a oficio (rank) in Lemba Kongo Kriyumba engo where I was marked in the hands to work as such. Later in My journey I received License to work in Santo Cristo Buen Viaje where I received a Zarabanda from Dr. Eoghan Ballard. Throughout My journey as time passed I reunited with my elder Alex La Salle Bariyaya Dukende where we have a common bond and a common purpose to bring Palo Mayombe as close to the truth of its old practice as it can be. All theses Journeys that we take in our spiritual road take us back to one truth. No one who has been a Tata first in a legitimate house of Palo Mayombe can supersede the hand of another unless they went from the beginning to start as an engueyo, then go up in rank in any system. I found myself thanking the spirits my formidable background in Spiritism for allowing me to understand that any ritual process is a process.


If you are cut up like swiss cheese in different practices of Palo Mayombe and never for the life of you studied under an elder then by all means you are quite the suspect of misinformation and you should be watched through a fine tooth comb. Which really serves its purpose to those nasty pesky fleas that want to attach themselves looking for knowledge. Remember when we have ritual processes done to our body it is the spirituality of the house that we are embarking on. So those people who claim a lot of different houses and Muna nso are missing the point. That is not what Palo Mayombe is about Muna nso don’t make you and names like Juan diablo or Periquito Perez don’t make a person be a spiritual teacher or a student of knowledge. Know yourself and Learn to start working for the betterment of others and stop this childish bantering of I am this because this person sanctioned that. Goes to show you the lack of experience and knowledge one possesses when you ride the coat tails of people who may be dead. But because you bark the name out now you are valid as a practitioner you are sadly mistaken. The saying “Know thyself” may refer by extension to the ideal of understanding human behavior, morals, and thought, because ultimately to understand oneself is to understand other humans as well.

Truth is the systematic coherence that enables us as Paleros to bring forth understanding and our practice can flourish. When people live behind a veil of deceit and lies all the time then something must give because you can only deceive those who do not see yet or can not focus or do not know the True Self. When we practice Palo Mayombe its philosophy is to understand the nature of one’s self. In existence Past and present and how we will benefit from this in the future. Those egotists who are not pragmatic always fall face first. Deal with your Truth and learn yourself so you can better the community. This only entitles a select few to work in the means of truth and light the other percentage of practitioners get into this religion just to provide themselves with a value of self-worth that they never had. In turn corruption of the ideal of power. Many of these practices of falseness delude into this obsession of connecting to an evil source. I came to tell you that evil personified in Palo Mayombe is not a satanic force it is more the bringer of truth in a conceptual idea of a Light Bringer or a Truth of self.

A lot of those people outside the norm of serious practitioners are those Palo Posers who try to sell a pipe dream by influencing a mass of followers like a ritual cult to follow them like sheeps to a slaughter. This unfortunately does not leave questions for debate and fluidic knowledge to the absolute truth. For in the eyes of these people the truth is only seen through their own eyes. Leaving you with a total void of Self in other words you are a walking zombie of funneled bullshit from these Self Proclaimed profiteers who feed off of people’s ignorance to the truth. You may not like me call me arrogant, pompous, other any other words you see fit to choose but one thing for certain is that we will tell it like it is.   Palo Mayombe has a simple philosophy and that is this From Dr Bunseki fu-kiau……


(On the basis of these cosmological ideas, the concept of dictatorship is impossible in the African Kongo-Kisinsi discussed here through its cosmological ideas.


The Kongo-Kisinsi is a conceptial system which is aware of Mwisikanda, the human community members,rather than about outsiders’ interests [n’luta mia banzenza]. Kisinsi is a strong and fundamental African system that would build a strong Kisafelika, not a chauvinistic system or philosophy.


The Kisinsi is a huge tree which strongly emphasizes first, a positive peaceful and fraternal neighbourhood among all its branches: on Kisafelika and Bisafelika, strong neighbourhood in continental states and it’s inhabitants; on Kisinsi, strong neighbourhood among the national diversities, on Kisikanda, strong neighbourhood in the ethnic groups and communities; on Kisizunga, strong neighborhood in local communities; on Kisivata, strong neighbourhood in the village’s subdivisions such as belo, mwelonzo,moyo and buta. The Kisinsi deals with all muntu, human beings, as part of the human race and its community survival)


In other words Palo Mayombe was born from a sense of Mu-Kanda(the community) at large there are no dictators or totalitarian government bodies in Palo Mayombe so anyone trying to sell you that philosophy is just in plain darkness and has no true fundamental teaching of what it is to be a healer and a person of respect and good standing.  Learn your ancestral past so you can move forward in your present to gear you to what will come in the future……

Tata Musitu




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