What are treaties and what creates validation in our Corpus?

When we look at what we call pacts and treaties what in the general definition does it apply to when we are talking about Palo Mayombe? Most of the time we think of ways to try to better the community in bringing understanding to our culture and religion. Most of the times people just feel that pacts and treaties are to be broken as we walk around thinking that the ramifications of our actions will not show in our daily lives. Most of the time you will hear an ignorant comment such as ” I command the spirit and it does my bidding”. It is understandable that we have a certain control and or manipulation with the spirit we will call the nfumbe but what about the pacts that were done in Malongo? Can we command Malongo to do our bidding or we can just proceed to control with the understanding of our contractual agreements our forefathers set forth for us. In the featured picture you will see the duplicate copy of the Treaty of Paris drawn in 1898 in which

“The United States and Spain will each appoint not more than five commissioners to treat of peace, and the commissioners so appointed shall meet at Paris not later than Oct. 1, 1898, and proceed to the negotiation and conclusion of a treaty of peace, which treaty shall be subject to ratification according to the respective constitutional forms of the two countries. Spanish and American diplomats met in Paris to argue over the terms of the peace agreement that would end the Spanish-American War. Most of the terms did not require serious debate. Of course, Cuba would become independent from Spain, with the intention that US occupation forces would eventually leave Cuba to become a free nation, as the Teller Amendment had promised. Also, the US would get Guam, a small Spanish island colony that the US had taken by surprise attack, as well as Puerto Rico. US acquisition of Puerto Rico ended several centuries of Spanish presence in the western hemisphere. On December 10, 1898, the US and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris.”

Why am I bringing this up? Well its simple look around at Palo Mayombe it is established by Bantu speaking tribes who came to the Island of Cuba. It is a culture that has been re-established with its own doctrine and foundation just like any government accordance by poor people with honor. County folks who believed in Family, Respect, Honor, Obedience and the establishment of self. Among many ideals comes being a good man and respecting the sanctity of his domestic partnership.  The pacts that were made old and many controversial serve as a purpose. In palo Mayombe living in a Polyamorous affair whether it be two women and one man, Two men and one woman is not part of our contractual ideology. In Africa this may have been the case but the pacts that were set forth was to instill the belief that subversion was not to be tolerated. Yet we have paleros out there in  polyamorous relationships with women and claim to be Tata Nkisi.  If you are doing this you have broken a pact with the nkisi sleeping with two women together and partaking intimately. Yes that is part of the oral tradition of Palo Mayombe. That goes for women too that partake in intimacies with two or more men. You are sadly mistaken eso es Fasenda(falsehood) You are just another unfortunate person who truly does not understand the dynamics of Palo Mayombe and can only be a practitioner of a belief that is not Palo Mayombe based. Our pacts and our treaties of accordance are all oral tradition. Just like when we say that all Muna nso do not combine pacts or treaties from house to house because. My house has a variance of spirits and bakulu that do not encompass all Palo Mayombe Lines. When you do this what happens is that the confusion of what firma is key in the body when we nkimba(ritually cut) goes on the neophytes and new initiates. Which process will go first and who will rule on that person’s body spiritually? Palo Tumba Palo…..

When we speak of Tata(father of secrets) and Yaya(mother of secrets) these people are the examples of who are spiritual life should manifest in the teachings they give us. Spiritual people should live a sane life. Not a life of confusion and arguments and debauchery unbecoming of religious and cultural people. Married couples most times are the elders of their Muna nso. It has been like that since the inception of palo mayombe and it is part of our core teachings. If our elders are sleeping around behaving badly and also into multiple partners in and out of the bed. What type of example they give their children and godchildren?


The old timers would not even put certain nkisi from one house to another in the same room. That was unheard of yet people want to invite Paleros into the Muna nso like this is The Universal Church with the little white dove in the front. This is not up for debate or critique as we go into the world you will see that these people who tend to do that are no good. There is no true respect in the Muna nso and the godchildren and even religious elders or so-called self-professed elders are misinformed in total ignorance. Now the question here that is key who can sanction such validations into the corpus of palo mayombe? Well the only ones that can do this are elders in good standings who live in Cuba. Like a sanctioned Palero conference in Cuba where you would get elders to sit down and bring forth this type of sanctioned corpus but us in the United States can not re-invent religion. Many have with the Darkside of Santeria sounding like a Bad Star Wars flick which really tainted the image of Palo Mayombe. Now people can go around take notes be pissed off but this is the type of education people need within our religion. The main corpus of this religion came from the Mouths of elders female and males now people want to take the words and re define palo and what they should be doing is defining their home life and how they can clean up the messes in their own Muna nso and stop blubbering like common idiots and put something about Palo with substance and teachings.

Tata Musitu



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