Why is it that women should not take apart ngangas. The truth behind the lies.

Nsala Malongo everyone this will hit people the wrong way and it may cause people to want to re-evaluate what is it that they have and to the extent of how true the functionality of their beliefs and what they truly know come into question. When we say words like Fondo Canasta Principio Primero…. The stages in building nkisi are quite an undertaking remember that Rome was not built-in a day . It took several million years for the earth to form and the reality is that till this day it keeps in an evolutionary spin of re inventing and establishing itself. 4.54 billion years the earth is in existence. Nganga’s are built everyday worlds coming into existence in many parts of Cuba, U.S. , Venezuela and around the world but the people who are building them are men. Why is that?  Truly the shift in power changed over time as the Matriarchal purpose of women in the New World changed how the religion is viewed today. Pacts were formulated and of course the reasons behind it are quite astonishing. But quite evident in the grand scheme of things. This Post is to open the reader’s mind that women can effect the polarities that live within the Nkisi. I can not go into further detail because these are secrets that you wont learn on here or in any supposed classroom setting or any other form of media book or paperback, email, or any other manuscripts that offer the wonder nganga. 


There are ingredients that if not properly handled inside of an Nganga it can create a total war inside the microcosm of the world that is your nkisi. So when you see people out there saying that they had to go inside of the husbands pot and off it with a hammer, Pull out all the ingredients from an nganga and today are still standing it is only because the proper ingredients and incantations were not done to that said nkisi. Inside of the nkisi there is a secret put in and if a woman handles this said secret it causes a slew of problems. Premature Menopause, Osteoporosis, it can cause Menstrual bleeding and even in some cases death. A true ngangulero is a father of secrets a person with the ability to bring health and well-being to people. But we live under a fragile balance of checks and balances that if not schooled the average person may think Oh this is Hocus Pocus crap. But in reality it can cause you emotional and psychological problems. People who become compulsive obsessive and those types of disorders are from a Hormonal imbalance and imagine if they stick their hands in a nganga a fundamento, checherengoma, An nkuyu or any other ritual item that is not properly handled. Why am I talking about this?


We live in a country where imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, But in Palo Mayombe it can get you hurt. If a Yaya Nkisi is out there taking apart or even snooping around her husbands nkisi she has no respect for this religion, No respect for herself and should be even ashamed to say that she is a person of belief and stature. Women who are out there initiating people supposedly into Palo Mayombe then unfortunately the people who are initiated by her are not Paleros. Why? Without a woman the process of initiation is null void but a woman who initiates breaks the pacts that was set by our fore-mothers and forefathers in cuba and how Palo Mayombe was designed. Women are the carrier of children and Mother to the world and are beautiful in every way and in every form. But Palo Mayombe is a religion of rules and set practice we can not turn it now to something that is non-existent in Palo Mayombe. Now Africa may have a different set of rules I can only follow what was taught to me through my ritual family.

A Tata Who allows his wife to break his nkisi down is not a man…….. We abide by ritual to practice as a cohesive partnership not by dictatorship and when a woman destroys her husbands nkisi he has literally destroyed his manhood and he should never practice this religion with a straight face and claim in circles he is a serious practitioner. He is a laughing-stock to the community at large and anyone who practices with him fall under the same umbrella of (Pussy). Now people going to get Salty but if a Tata does this to his wife’s stuff he falls the same ridicule and fate too. This is a partnership and when respect is lost what is there left?

Tata Musitu



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