Dikenga, Patimpemba, Cimbra o, Arrear. When you hear this what comes to your mind

Nsala Malongo to all the wonderful people out there who are making a mark in this community of fantastic practitioners who really are educating themselves and are not walking around in the shadows lurking. We have a lot of those lately wanting to deter us from you the reader who is understanding that it is time to take away this dark cloud from practitioners who have not been outspoken when it comes to our beliefs. From a perspective of study and education if we do not start demystifying Palo mayombe from this whole principal of evil then we are never going move or progress forward as a culture. That criminal element will always linger under us and we need to take it back from them. Palo Mayombe is a country folk practice that was intended to show morality and culture and respect. How is that in the United States the stigma of cult and or criminal organization has posted and ugly stigma on practitioners? This is taken from the Borderland Beat article about Santa Muerte Inspired and Ritual killings from June 12th 2013 and it states

The term ‘hybrid’ is perfect. Yes, there appears to be a ‘Frankenstein’ religious culture that the narcos have built that takes pieces from African traditional religions and Latin American folk religions. I have seen evidence of these organizations using Cuban Santeria also known as Regla de Ocha, Palo Mayombe aka Las Reglas de Congo, Puerto Rican Espiritismo, Mexican Curanderismo as well as others. They will take artifacts and rituals and use them for selfish purposes.


I believe they practice ‘cultural misappropriation’ and take a traditional culture like Santeria that is practiced worldwide without any connection to drugs and misuse the sacred rituals of this religious faith.

I have spoken with ritual specialists who tell stories of people who seek them out to buy their services to perform rituals to harm their enemies. Some of these are members of drug trafficking organizations. Sadly, when groups like this are arrested, members of these faiths that do NOT commit crimes are given a bad name”

I believe more articles need to come into plain sight so that people can really educate themselves on practices and not go on what many of these “DARK SIDE SANTERIA OCULLTISTS” are doing .

When we look at the word Dikenga this is an opportunity to clear up a misconception. Dikenga’s are ritual markings where spiritual energy repose in. In the kongo practice this is a place of central energy and importance which protects the nkisi. Most commonly known as the 4 winds. There is a diagram with many dikengas in Palo mayombe. But I will state, Dikengas are not Patimpembas. The Patimpemba are the door ways of possibility to all that encompasses energy and direction for the nganga. As a spiritual point of reference but not to be taken lightly as we must always erase a Patimpemba from the front of the nganga as to not heat that energy up. When a spirit is in repose on a Dikenga this is what protects the world within the world. A nganga that lives on the ground and can be attacked by forces from the world and its counterparts we will call them spirits.  Ndundu(phantoms) Nkuyu(lost souls) etc. A lot of what I am referring to are many a conversation I have with  Ngon Ngunda Tata Butako(Tata Efraim). In our conversations we realize the misconceptions of people wanting to threaten you with malice. To arrear……. That word is simple to move or drive from one point to another. The terminology in spain was used when they wanted to move steer or horses they would prod them with spurs to agitate them and move. Now the purpose of this explanation is that I see a lot of people out there claiming I will sic my nkisi after you because you disrespected me in some fashion. Mostly I see this online I think its hilarious that people will sell into this notion because I spoke out against you now you have the authority to throw at me. HA! We have protocols in our practice many people have to realize I smart palero is the one who maintains that demeanor of respect within himself. To be authorized to do harm on someone,  the person has to be spiritually attacked and so the defense of the priest or priestess is to answer back any threat. That means first I have to Cimbra(shake or create a tremor) to  the nkisi, with the Dimanga(machete) or the way it was taught to you in your Muna nso. Then after that it needs to be asked what Pati mpemba(ritual address) will be used, what animal or animals are needed for this work, ingredients etc. Most of the so-called paleros out there is living day-to-day or receiving Public Assistance or whatever they do to even take the time to follow proper protocol.

My serious practitioners are the one’s who know what I am talking about and eventually with time hopefully this behavior from this supposed internet Ruffians will cease. Consequences happen when people go on a whim to threaten you they go buy 12 to 15 rooster and feed the nkisi and nothing happens to you. But you see those same people in deplorable conditions, Health conditions, family is not united, sister, brother, mother, father conflicts. Children falling to strange illnesses that can not be explained. Don’t go around blaming others you should blame yourself for living very egotistical and that the world is for you to conquer with fear and menace. Ha! I laugh because its true worst than a Silent Charlie Chaplin film its abated to look to the people responsible for your plight. That is yourself!…..

When we cimbrar we are preparing the way for the arreo….. You can not think that cimbrar is arrear….. Yo manda pa cimbrar, Buena noche Yo manda. (Bozal spanish I send to shake or rock, Good evening I will send).

To arrear it is not only with gunpowder it with a an array of things that are at the disposal of a serious Tata, Tatandi, Yaya, etc etc to send the spirit to work. Lets work on being a positive voice in Palo Mayombe and stop asking people to Arrearte. You are not really that important only in the your Psuedo-Personalities people…..


Tata Musitu.

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