Ignorance A blind man’s Paradise. What can you really say about ceremony when you are blindfolded?

Nsala Malongo everyone as you all know or may have been guessing I have been a bit out of the blog for a bit. Only because I have been working with initiations and other spiritual and material duties of everyday life. One thing is for certain I have a lot of detractors out there who would love for me to shut up. Keep quiet to myself but unlike them I am not getting paid from educating people about what we write in this group. I have gotten a lot of emails about the Palo Mayombe Society well I wanted to let those who are interested we are going to be a Non for Profit Group. We are going to be putting forth a Palo Media watchdog group. As part of the society to better educate and inform the public, The media at large about what is Palo Mayombe and the very foundation that it stands on. You may hear a lot of oh… hear he comes trying to create a standard of practice. NO…. You are so sorely mistaken it is not even funny. Every serious Palo Mayombe House has their rules and regulations and every SPIRITUAL TREATY (Tratado) is different as such we are not a police group to take out unsavory characters in palo let that be for the people who are mediocre in thought and really are only out for gossiping and spilling foolish gibberish from their mal-formed Jowl like rabid dogs on the hunt for scraps.

We are not selling into initiatives or profit margins and or record sales or media ratings. What we want to focus on is in you the reader, the casual interest of how a religion has been demonized, ridiculed by even our own practitioners for labeling it, The bad ass warrior religion that will hurt you and make you wish you don’t mess with us! LOL. I even heard that people can get rid of hurricanes and challenged all of Miami’s Palero’s to show and prove. Like a bad episode of true blood, or charmed and the New Moon all rolled up into one…. When will people realize that fueling this type of ignorance only feeds the people who read it to either chuckle or really look at you like foolish clowns.

Makissisi Malongo….. Malongo, Palo Mayombe, Old Briyumba, and Quimbisa the basis of all of this different process was to lead to one goal. Healing, well-being structure within the family(Kanda) and being a better person all in all. Look at the process of every person who has been lead into a Muna nso the purpose is for them to come in blindfolded, quiet, contemplative and aware of nothing yet to feel, smell, taste , hear and sense everything. What should you expect of initiation into Palo Mayombe? Nothing….. Humbleness,integrity, a firm belief in what you are doing. The sense of fulfillment and accomplishment as we take these oaths seriously. So seriously that no one who is not from your Muna nso should be in a room with you. Why? This is a room of ceremony and not open for discussion like, Well I am a palero why can I not go in? Well if you are from a different Muna nso when we put our firmas on the ground they will not correspond with what the other house has. Secondly If your from a different rama then it is total confusion. Ignorance is a blind man’s paradise because the one at fault here is the padrino who is allowing those types of things to happen. If you here I am from x rama, and y ramas, were present and played together, X rama loses its tratado and it is now a ceremonially goop. What do you call it the XY rama? This never was allowed in cuba and now in the US it is becoming more common place. But the truth is it is Common Crap.

I know I will be criticized for this but I got an excerpt from the Scott H. Young blog which is a cool blog and I think this is appropriate for those people out there.

(If you do anything unique, people will attack you for it. Self-motivation depends on having a thick skin, persisting in spite of criticism. But equally important is the ability to not let praise consume you, either. Because, praise and criticism are just reflections of each other. In order to properly handle criticism, you also need to properly handle praise. If someone excessively flatters you for a minor success, you need to internalize it the same way you would internalize a scathing insult. The person that is easily flattered is also easily criticized. Ultimately, only you can steer your life. If you allow yourself to be misled by attacks or flattery, you won’t reach your destination.)

So with this I say to all of those people out there be you and do not let detractors take you from your goal and or position in life.



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