Understanding the differences of exposition and the cross culturalization problems this can cause Palo Mayombe is key to keeping this garbage away from practitioners.

Taken from an offer online…. This is in no way shape or form a solicitation to follow such garbage.

“Enter your name and contact information for a chance to be able to purchase 1 of 7 sets of 10 ngangas. We have added 4 Extra Ngangas to the collection which brings it to 14 ngangas. The collection includes, Exu Maioral Nganga, Exu Rei Nganga, Maria Padilla Reina Nganga (The Quimbanda Trinity), Ozain Nganga, Mama Sholan Nganga, Zarabanda Nganga, Centelle Ndoki Nganga, Caboclos Nganga (Indian Spirits), Cabo Rondo Nganga, Siete Rayos Nganga, Kalunga Nganga, Exu Meia Noite Nganga, Lucero Vira Mundo Nganga, Aje Spirits Nganga. Each Nganga is an exact copy or duplicate of the original Ngangas at the Montenegro Temple. The collection is a valuable part of the Congo religious tradition and world history. This one of a time offer is priceless. These very historic handmade Ngangas will be ritually prepared by Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro, Rei Do Congo and are museum quality. A FREE DOCUMENTARY VIDEO SHOWING THE HISTORIC OPENING OF THE 150 YEAR OLD QUIMBANDA NGANGAS WILL BE HOSTED BY CARLOS MONTENEGRO. THIS NEVER BEFORE SEEN RARE VIDEO SEEN OUTSIDE OF THE MONTENEGRO FAMILY CIRCLE . 1 PER WINNER. The cost normally would be $45,000 to $65,000 for all of these ngangas if purchased together before the May 1, 2013 Anniversary. All ngangas come complete with Mpakas, and other necessary ritual items such as palos, dirts, sacred stones, animal bones and Human Bone from the original source. If you are chosen as one of the 7 lucky people to win this lottery you will be only allowed to purchase 1 set. Each set of 14 original spirit ngangas is $7,500. We have a lot of interest about this lottery recently so please make sure if you enter that you will be able to send the funds at the time of the notification. Funds must be sent in the form of a “cashier’s check” or “in cash”. SHIPPING CHARGES ARE EXTRA $250.00. After you are notified I will be holding 4 trainings and 2 day weekend initiation seminars in the Los Angeles area over the course of a year, but you will also have access to speak with me concerning any questions for the entire year. We will not be doing this type of rare lottery again for our ngangas because after we break them down into smaller temple size ngangas we won’t have any more extra sacred spirit material to spread around the world because we are giving them all to you. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY. Enter by May 21, 2013. The lottery is scheduled to place the week of May 28, 2013. To enter into this lottery, please send us your complete legal name, address and all of your contact information to our email at THEGNOSTICBOOKCENTER@GMAIL.COM. SUERTE


Nsala Malongo people…. I addressed this article two weeks ago in a private forum we have online where I found it amusing that he is offering this type of exposition to the general public. It is hilarious because first off Carlos Montenegro co-phrased the Satanic panic in his book published in old bethpage nyc new york. Palo Mayombe the dark side of santeria…He used the lettering from the old Dark Shadows vampire series on his book with red and black lettering it was really entertaining back then and really entertaining now. Can we give him credibility to even offer or suffice such utter silliness. No! I do not see the Quimbanda priests who should be up in arms about this nonsense say a word. Unfortunately you have a lot of sheep being led to the slaughter. On May 6 at 7:36pm… We got this post on our private group…. First if you read this is for anyone who wants to buy these things at museum quality. HAHA. ok…. Secondly the lottery are for non practitioners to purchase these artifacts I am wondering if it is a used car salesman pitch to sell quality junk. If junk can be considered quality. Honestly we need to focus on the growing problem which is cross culturalization and the hegemony that can be created by initially citing that this “Nganga Exposition” it’s just another money-making commodity for him on an ever failing road to mix and match Quimbanda and Palo Mayombe together.  Buyer beware, Consumer beware…. If you can purchase 14 ngangas at 7.500 a pop. That is 105,000 dollars in cash where you can put a healthy down payment on a new home, Car, RUV, or pay off bills then do that and do not entertain this type of crap. Funny how I laugh at these people who are reciting Gangster music, the Detrimental behavior of our family and people yet I am problematic for stating the obvious. I have to really chuckle at those bullhorn yeller over the internet airwaves…. They make me laugh and at the same time really have a sad existence I think they should pick up their mop and keep cleaning that seems to be a very honest career and always has money in your pocket. Cleaning Peoples crap is a shit job that takes a highly skilled person. But again getting back to the reality of things Montenegro unfortunately has a following and you have to give him his credit to all his detractors he has made people good, bad, or indifferent sought him out for help. Now giving out nkisi of Palo mayombe I highly doubt he knows what he is doing and for the most part we have to just inform people of this craziness. This is a disaster in the making and this by no means at all will go well. Just be intelligent and look at the realities of this article any serious religious person would laugh at Carlos Montenegro, anyone with any dignity will not entertain this nonsense and all those out there should have a bigger voice then you portray to have but you not saying anything. For instance where are the pacts that should be done for each nkisi that will be mailed to you…. Is it like instant quaker oats you add it in water and stir?  Where are the ceremonial process for each ngando that is presented to the individual as such? Let me make this clear being a responsible priest is not mixing ingredients together the fact is you have to be about it. The processes are from presentation to the nkisi you are receiving from that elder to numerical steps from 10 to 20 to 50 kinds of ritual protocols that need to be met. Now you want a mail order quimbanda wanna be Palo nganga go join the sweepstakes. You want to be a serious practitioner than learn by patience and understanding and learning all facets of Palo from a responsible elder not a puppeteer, a clown or a janitor…

Tata Musitu


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