If palo was the basis of spiritual enlightenment and healing why then does the popular belief system brings forth a contrary result?

“Investigating religious terrorism and ritualistic crime by Dawn Perlmutter ( In her book it states for a person to be in palo mayombe they need to be initiated into Santeria). Santeria considered to be White magic while Palo Mayombe is Black Magic. You can see it on page 189 of her book.”


Sala Malongo everyone I have been so busy as of late with initiations in Palo and Orisha I have not had time to attend the site and also wanted to point out that thank those who are always waiting for the next interesting blog that I will post up. I wanted to take the time to address an ongoing problem we have in this religion. I call it Exposition of Gangsterism that is quite funny at best but really damages our true intentions of what we are trying to convey. What is it that I am talking about well look closely many “occult experts” are out their saying they know of our traditions and of our way of worship. Yet not one piece of evidence shows any exact connection to our practices. Yes I am saying it not one. If you see an exposition of people who are dancing up in a lot of these ritual rumba are not practicing palo mayombe. See the purpose of our drumming is for communication with the spirit not to have a dance off. Most of the drums used today as part of this growing popularity are unconsecrated drums with no ritual value other than that they sound nice. Where is the actual communication with the spirit? How can you sit there and state we are paleros yet not one person can explain why in these expositions more ritual possession is induced from  alcohol being passed around than actual ritual. Last I heard the rum is for the dead not the living.

Many conversations have been had between me and my colleagues and this exposition of ritual houses playing with each other existing here in the United States is just that a show. When was it ok to allow other houses to partake of ritual practices that are secret and are worth its weight in gold. Now all of a sudden we are all brothers under one banner. Tell that to a Mayombero or a person from Malongo, or an old school Briyumbero and they will all laugh in your face or maybe better yet smack it. The 1980’s began the catalyst of this deprave exposition of bravado, criminality, and utter nonsense. We have to thank the folkloric idealism that created this mish mosh of crap that we see now in Palo. After the cuban independence you have to look at American interests in the island where many crime syndicates and organizations opened up shop and started feeding into the cuban socio-political climate breeding american criminality and free enterprise. So people can not really get mad at times when these professors in colleges come against paleros and santeros because history has painted a one-sided picture really well for the United States and delegates and christian right wingers can use Palo and orisha practitioners as occultists and chicken killers and straight out criminals.

The Spanish-American war was viewed as the first media war ever since it got a lot of press and cartoons of America as its savior. But now almost 150 years later the ” yellow kid journalism” is still used today. Meaning that media companies, publishers of books go with half-truths and not the whole story. It amazes me that Muna nso will put expositions of pictures not as a tool to teach but more as a tool to promote. Most times people looking foolish gangster posers, faces covered, Showing cleavages and all types of bad expositions to create a position of what in what? Most of the serious palero’s will not allow godkids taking pictures within a muna nso setting because it is ritual that deems the day not exposition. This is not playboy, or hustler, This is not the rap source magazine or, Maxim…. Guns weekly or any other type of media source we are a palo community. Handle yourself accordingly instead of promoting what you think you are show us who you are. Be a good person, a righteous person someone who command respect and has earned it now through self promotion or any other nonsense. Put in the work learn your house secrets and keep them secret. Do not allow for these Palero posers fool you.  We need to create advocacy not mouth ranters on any form of communication. If people feel threatened by what i write i do not honestly care. If you feel that this is some way an attack on you. Then you are missing the point that if we do not create consciousness and eliminate the criminality in palo that came during the time of the Mariel when Castro emptied his prisons into these boats then you are missing the point. The point is that many people have sold themselves because they do not take our religion our practice and our belief system seriously. Hide in the shadows and live in your fantasy world a lot of us are done with that.

“Between April and September 1980, 125,000 Cubans arrived in Florida from the port of El Mariel, in a dramatic boatlift that had long-standing repercussions for the United States and for Castro’s image. It all began when a bus crashed through the gates of the Peruvian Embassy in Havana. Two guards were wounded as they shot each other, and Fidel Castro, in a fit of anger, removed the security post from the embassy entrance. ‘Bad mistake,’ recalled the chief of the newly opened U.S. Interest Section in Havana, Wayne Smith, ‘because within hours there were 10,000 Cubans inside the embassy and thousands more on the way.’ Embarrassed, the Cuban government called the refugees escoria: ‘trash.’ Castro decided to open the port of El Mariel to “anyone” who wanted to leave Cuba.”011_mariel




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  1. Tondian says:

    I have a question and mean no disrespect by this question. Kindly excuse my ignorance. I need to confirm if it is true that a person who practices palo can have more than one prenda? I simply wish to avoid being deceived.

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