So here goes ABC news and the Catholic spin doctors wiping their feet with Palo Mayombe

When will people learn that any group who tries to give information about another without ever practicing a tradition is just fueling bias and discriminatory behavior. Seems that Catholic Online ( who seems to be based right here in Los Angeles Ca went on a bit of an investigative rant on their site about a New Jersey mausoleum which was broken into and the remains of Pauline Spinelli were taken.  Reported originally by ABC news in its entirety.

ABC news calls a supposed expert on Destructive cults who has a shady past indeed Rick Ross


Taken from excerpts of Wikipedia……

“in 1974, Ross was convicted of the attempted burglary of a vacant model home and sentenced to probation.

In 1993, Ross faced charges of unlawful imprisonment in the State of Washington due to the alleged forcible detention of Jason Scott, a member of a Pentecostal church, in 1991. Ross was acquitted in a January 1994 jury trial.

Sscott sued Ross, two of his associates, and the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), for his abduction and failed deprogramming. Scott was eighteen years old at the time of the abduction. CAN was a co-defendant because a CAN contact person had referred Scott’s mother to Ross.

The two men hired by Scott’s mother seized him outside her house. Scott was handcuffed but never struck. After he bit one of the men, they taped his mouth, and both the handcuffs and tape were removed after he was put in the van to go to the hotel where they held the deprogramming. The deprogramming personnel restrained him and told him his release depended on the completion of the deprogramming.[36][40][41][42][43][44]

The defendants were found liable for conspiracy to deprive Scott of his civil rights and religious liberties and awarded $875,000 in compensatory damages, and punitive damages in the amount of $1,000,000 against CAN, $2,500,000 against Ross, and $250,000 against each of the other two individual defendants. The case bankrupted the Cult Awareness Network.[45][46]

In 1995 Ross filed for personal bankruptcy because of the damages award against him in the Scott civil trial.[40][47] Scott then settled with Ross, accepting $5,000 plus 200 hours of Ross’s professional services “as an expert consultant and intervention specialist”.[44][47] Berry, Scott’s new attorney, said that Scott’s decision to use Ross’s services was not a vindication of Ross’s deprogramming methods and refused to say what services Ross would provide.[44]

As a result of the legal risks involved, Ross stopped advocating coercive deprogramming or involuntary interventions for adults, preferring instead voluntary exit counseling without the use of force or restraint.[48] He states that despite refinement of processes over the years, exit counseling and deprogramming continue to depend on the same principles.”


Palo Mayombe seems to be the supposed cult experts playground. At any point the finger-pointing extravaganza that the media has on Satanists, Wiccans, Vodou and Palo Mayombe is very alarming and very real. We are sympathetic to the people whose remains were taken and it is said to say the least. When you purchase a plot or any relic or land to bury your loved ones and someone desecrate those grounds it is a travesty. But how does Palo Mayombe fit into this picture?

How is that the granddaughter did the research and found Palo as a group who uses human bones?  If the catholic church and the Vatican venerate saints with human remains encrusted in gold and precious stones. We need to stop breeding this ignorance because Palo being a hybrid religion is just as hybrid as Catholicism being and offshoot of Jewish traditions.

To many atrocities have been cited by the catholic church, hatred,bigotry, racism and any schism that they have created in the past. We live in a land of freedom of expression and freedom of religion and Palo Mayombe is just another platform for these anti hate groups and media spin doctors to tarnish our religion. When are we going to fight against these injustices? Or are we simply going to live in the confines of secrecy and ignorance allowing people to define us yet we do not define ourselves?

Tata Musitu

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