Physical disease and Spiritual disease. How do we provide healing in this day and age?

(Picture of a Zulu medicine man)

Many physical diseases attributed to physical disorders of the body, Things like hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis and a whole slew of distinctive diseases. Modern medicine has made great leaps and bounds due to African religious groups and other nature based traditions. Many remedies in Palo Mayombe from healing and curing the common cold, to abrasions, acne, broken bones etc.


When we look at spiritual diseases like spiritual attacks, gossip, malice, One of the most common attacks is the Evil eye. In palo mayombe this can bring everything from a fever to a bad stomach or even death. Many in the old country would say “they worked you with the eye.”

We as practitioners of Palo mayombe can do a variety of cleansing and spiritual work to open opportunities and avenues to spiritual health and healing. Many of the methods we have like Changing of your head(cambio de cabeza) or a Changing of your life(cambio de vida).

Many of our health practitioners have seen up close and personal the effects of mental illness in a study done by the cdc stats from the website “According to a rigorous health survey conducted by the CDC in 2004, an estimated 25 percent of adults in the U.S. reported having a mental illness in the previous year. Lifetime prevalence rates of mental illness in the U.S. were around 50 percent when measured back in 2004. That means in a family of four, one of you likely has a mental illness.”

In palo mayombe we are here to promote healing and resolution to situations and look to better the circumstances of a person’s life. Whether its bringing them back from near death or just showing them a better way of living. The singoma the drum of affliction has a nkisi who can bring life or bring death all depends on the situation. One of our key components in healing is intonation of sound and song. Incantation and prayer also invocation of the spirit.

Many of us are deeply entrenched in botany and know various plants to heal and to bring out sickness. We are still not experts in opening the human anatomy and operating but some of us are doctors in the field of medicine and the face of palo mayombe and bantu practices are changing. We need to start promoting better care for people and for ourselves in this day of modern medicine and exercise. It is harder to say that a sound spirituality should follow a sound body and soul. With fast food, obesity as one of the most common American killers next to tobacco and alcohol. Spiritual diseases can be cured by the spiritual doctor and many ailments that are physical even some forms of cancer can be worked on also. FYI, We do not promote alternative medicines as a cure-all going to the doctor and monthly, weekly, yearly checkups are important. But we offer the alternative to the alternative we are healers and responsible people. Be responsible for your spiritual and physical well-being. Tata Musitu


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