Ndozi(Dreams) A state of being in the spiritual realm.

When people are living their day-to-day lives preparing for the next day as practitioners of a spiritual faith interpretations of dreams are key fundamental component in Palo Mayombe.  The fire that was brought into existence from the realm of kalunga came into being to bring forth understanding of self. Quoted from Bunseki Fu kiau :

The same force that gave shape to the universe is the same force that resides within us.”

Our dream state comes from this idea that we are part of this cosmic oneness with Nsambi, Unkukulu, however you call that omnipresence. We can see that the Bakongo understood the concept of the dream state and how it would bring forth the messages from the bakulu who live in kalunga. Making the spiritual tangible through the dream process. Of course as with any type of dreams and interpretations they all can be varied to fit specific needs. In that same focus as well our minds can be purging all the nonsense of the day to make way for more instructional and deeper understandings in our lives. If you’re dreaming that you are a piece of lettuce and being chased by two hamburger buns, Nine times out of ten it is just your mind trying to refocus. Or you can just be hungry and imagined it, Either way that is not going to bring life changes or instruct you.

Ndozi is a big part of the mayombero way of communicating with his ancestors. Many have travelled in dream state back into times of deep knowledge and understanding of self. In many bantu practices ancestors appear in dreams to give advice and also even to request things of the actual dreamer itself. Paving the way for people who are going to transition as well from physical life to the spiritual one.

Most times you see this in the elderly who are sick and are about to leave their terrestrial form. Its like the sense of dreaming and transitioning go hand in hand. They can see the way they are going good or bad and focus on where they need to go. They describe who is in the room waiting for them and vivid conversations of people who are no longer with us. The dream state is a form of a physical death until we re awaken in the world of the living.

“It is a serious matter that we understand that in a dream state your physical body is open and the spiritual one is out and about. Exploring and looking for messages to bring forward in our reality.

Dreams are a fundamental truth in Palo mayombe many do not practice this because they are caught up in the mechanical rituals they have learned. Burning fula and sending out spirits, “I am the best you are the worst”. It is time to look at Palo mayombe to answer a lot of those broad questions in everyone’s life. “What am I doing to shed a profound light on Palo mayombe as a Bantu practice?”  Communing with the ancestors and broadening our understanding within our own Munanso that is a start. Not trying to create an interdependence within other ramas of palo. It will only create much confusion and a whole new breed of Palero. Our bakulu did not do it they understood tradition and respect within each munanso and each elder.

The process of ndozi is to understand self and bring forth that fire that lives within all of us. Set down through the ages from Nsambi down to the bakulu. Songs set to induce sleep by the nurturers of the world. All praises due to the mothers of the world. For without them we would not understand the functionality of ndozi and the strength of women. Those that put their children to sleep so they can understand our world through the voices of our ancestors. Ndozi starts in the womb which is the representation of kalunga where a child is protected from the world. Water,Ndozi,kalunga all part of the ancestral wonders and the connection women have with the ancestors. Tata Musitu

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