Is this the new face of mayombe?

While people are out their shouting threats and innuendos at each other we in our group are working to help people out from these disasters in mayombe. If you can categorize awful work as such. A lot of times you hear the horror stories through 3rd Party participants. Many times you hear the same people who supposedly speak out were in the mix got paid and still are out their promoting themselves.

Today I went to a person’s house to break down and investigate there nganga Just because they had went through such terrible strife and turmoil they asked me and I offered to help.  I can not get into ceremony and secrets on how nkisi’s are built I am obligated to talk about at least the bottom of the pot which harness the physical force of the nkisi.  Every Patimpemba(firma) should be drawn into the bottom and not only corresponds with the person and the munanso. But it should also be a language that is spoken and is part of the persons path. In the photo as you can see it looks very much so like scribble and not a coherent language that is read and spoken.


Is this the new face of mayombe?

This website is a movement for the preservation of our religion, practice, or whatever label you like to put on it. As long as it is a positive step forward to bring about change. Many of the people who go around with a roar forget that their elder who leads them in through the door. Is the person who paved the way for them to be recognized as a tata nkisi. That is why I always in my prayer shout the one who lit the way for me. “Bariyaya gando fula dukende moana filo batalla mayombe sacaempeno.”


Where do people get off preaching about respect and then want to lead a campaign against their own elders? Those that shout Facenda and have had all out wars with their own elders calling them thieves and charlatans. Where is the supposed loyalty?  Our website does not accept donations, We do not get radio play, We do not ask for sponsorship. We are independent and so our audience is the people out their looking to have an avenue. A place of sharing and of knowledge shared for all who are seeking betterment can read. With pictures like this of pots with incoherent drawings where is mayombe in this?

The lady who is an older woman with children paid a total of 3,500 dollars for this type of nonsense. Where is the respect for mayombe? This a 5-year-old child can doodle better than this and it would make sense. Practitioners be aware those that talk a good game in my muna nso is this and we are that 9 times out of ten they are blowing smoke up someone’s ass. By your own merits and your own people and the work you do charitable or non charitable live by your word and actions. Work to fulfill that desire of being a mayombero with respect and honor. Not the type of stuff you see in the photo. Be ashamed of yourself and learn something from real Tata’s and Yaya’s who are out their with the sole purpose to bring beauty back to our practice. Tata Musitu

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  1. Khepri Temu Ra says:

    Keep bustin’ em out Tata! And thanks for the english translation in your youtube videos. Peace…

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