ARMS. Beware a new threat against Mayombe Practices

RichardKudoCouto has decided to take on the Palo Mayombe community by stating in a video which has been circulation now for a while that we are committing “human sacrifices”. This new-found Yuppie vigilante has decided that is open season on Mayombe in Florida mainly the C-9 basin of Miami Dade county. What I find interesting enough in the video that it is really exceptionally staged to the point of pure ridiculousness.  When doing a cross comparison of a human bone on to his own arm it shows he is not a forensic pathologists to make any such determination on what he is claiming he thinks it is.


The problem I am trying to state in Mayombe as in any other spiritual corpus we use animals in our ritual rites that may seem to be a bit out of the normal livestock here in the United States we use for consumption. There are many people in our country who consume road kill and other types of wild game that are legal to hunt and handle. Under the Federal guidelines of the Animal Welfare act


Valid license for dealers and exhibitors required.
Time period for disposal of dogs or cats by dealers or exhibitors.
Registration of research facilities, handlers, carriers and unlicensed exhibitors.
Purchase of dogs or cats by research facilities prohibited except from authorized operators of auction sales and licensed dealers or exhibitors.
Purchase of dogs or cats by United States Government facilities prohibited except from authorized operators of auction sales and licensed dealers or exhibitors.
Principal-agent relationship established.
Record keeping by dealers, exhibitors, research facilities, intermediate handlers, and carriers.
Marking and identification of animals.
Humane standards and record keeping requirements at auction sales.
Standards and certification process for humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of animals.
Humane standards for animals by United States Government facilities.
Consultation and cooperation with Federal, State, and local governmental bodies by Secretary of Agriculture.
The list goes on and on about research facilities and farmers of livestock.  We as part of this spiritual awakening in Mayombe practices are stating that most of us follow the law. We are not criminals or committing human sacrifices. That is just false promoting so these new vigilantes of supposed “justice” can paint a very bad portrait of a faith that has to do with community and family.  Unfortunately Mayombe does not have a real press voice, so we are kind of considered some amalgamated product of Lukumi practices. But we do not fall under the same guidelines in ritual or in practice.
So what should we do?
Hit the problem head on talk to our local media, be proactive in our community, Train law enforcement and offer advice on real issues that plague our practice. Our goal on this site is to do as such with tact and intelligence and factual accounts and not made for TV or Reality show formats.
For the record we do not condone any form of animal cruelty, we are not in support of Animal chop shops or any inhumane treatment towards animals. We are a religion of respect and venerating all living things in the world. Without these elemental and fundamental understandings we could not heal and bring forth good things into the world.
We are at a time of religious discrimination and persecution due to fear of the unknown. Organizations that are formed with ulterior motives other than what they are professing to the world is criminal.“To pose as the authorities is a blatant violation of misconduct and misrepresentation to those in law enforcement who are out their working to bring true justice to the people who are truly breaking the law.”
Again i will reiterate this most mayomberos are family oriented and community based  we need to have a better representation of our religion out their because people are watching and taking notice. If guys like Mr. Couto keep up with these types of blasphemous campaigns we need to start fighting back with constructive and in-depth reporting of the facts. lets start killing sensationalism and bring back respect to mayombe. Tata Musitu
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