21 Divisions and Palo Mayombe Separating the Two.

(Excerpts from this post are from the page of sansespiritismo.blogspot.com from Sancista Brujo Luis the sole purpose of this post is to educate the reader and bring forth truth on two beautiful yet separate traditions. All rights to Sancista Brujo Luis for allowing us to incorporate his writings and spiritual teachings in our site).


Excerpt from Sancista brujo Luis,

(“Although there are no historical records of when and what family started it, the earliest known accounts of the existence of Sanse on the island have been dated from around the late 1930s to the early 1940s, to a small group of Afro Puerto Rican families that integrated traditional Espiritismo beliefs with that of Puerto Rican Brujeria, Dominican 21 Division and Haitian Vodou.   Some individuals credit the origins of Sanse to a single Papa Boko or Houngan that migrated to Puerto Rico in the 1920s.  This could be so, but it has been historically documented that in 1960 there was an estimated 1,812 Dominicans living on the island, and that Puerto Rico has witnessed an increase in illegal immigration from the Dominican Republic since as early as 1970s.  It is estimated that at present time 200.000 Dominicans live in Puerto Rico.  Haitians also migrated to Puerto Rico as early as 1803 with an increase in 1898.  With groups of Haitians in the coastal towns of Aguadilla, Mayaguez and Juana Diaz.   It has been estimated that around 8.000 Haitians or Puerto Ricans of Haitian descent live in Puerto Rico.  These two minority groups greatly influenced the birth of Puerto Rican Sance, similar to how in the 1950s and 60s Cubans influenced Puerto Rican Espiritismo in New York creating Puerto Rican Santerismo.


Excerpt 2    Contrary to popular belief, Sanse is not a religion, it is a magico spiritual set of beliefs, and although it has many traditional structured views on how to perform misas, how one performs bautismos, ceremonies, in what order or what prayers are said for any given situation, has a structure on how misas are held, how one conducts themselves during a sesion, order of various division of Misterios, their likes and dislikes, and the color of clothing worn and tabus. Sance is not bounded by religious dogmas or doctrines as each and every Sociedad although they practice in very similar fashions, can and also does have various elements of differences. The main goal of Sanse as is with Espiritismo is based on the desarollo of ones spiritual faculties on the material plane, and the enlightenment of the spirit in the realm of Spirits.) All rights Reserved visit www.sanseespiritismo.blogspot.com.”)


Hermanos los Inkises, Los Espiritus y sus Misterios, 1980


When this interest awoke in people to have popular music in Palo Mayombe a mention of Papa Candelo was made in a song and  people ran with it and swore up and down that this was part of mayombe. While many years of haitian and Dominican occupation in Puerto Rico gave way to this cosmic soup that we see nowadays people mixing the two.  Candelo cedife is not a road of mayombe he was considered a Papa bokor(he is represented as Saint Charles Borromeo) the word cedife means of fire. Contrary to popular belief there are no known tratados and or pacts with this type of ghede spirit part of a nation of spirits the work exclusively with dominican vudu and Sanse spiritual teachings.

Palo Mayombe as of late has become very much syncretic in nature and we can honestly say that it is not mayombe anymore. Our practices instead of developing a true tradition as it  has always been, Now has become seized by people who want to add other elemental traditions of thought. Though beautiful in their own circle of truth and practice has no place in a mayombe settings when we are venerating nkisi and bakulu from our own Mayombe lines.  You can not compare Mango’s and Apples and call it Mapples, It is just not the same.

The Beauty of our traditions whether you are a Sancista,Vodou priest, Hoodoo priest, Obeah, Olorisha and Palero is in its richness within its own practice. The article here is to look at this and open your mind. Do not allow people to fool you into believing that Papa Candelo, Metrezili, San miguel, Belie Belcan that are part of mayombe. They are beautiful spirits just like mayombe but they are not the same. You out their who are selling a pipe dream mixing and matching and adding your own twist on these beautiful traditions are disrespecting them and should be careful because the spirits see and eventually all this will catch up to you. Those who load the backs of Franciscos and Franciscas with plants and stuff and calling it nkisi careful that you yourself are setting up for a bomb to explode in your face.

Respect all spiritual practices and faith keep them separate and enjoy the beauty of all practices.    Tata Musitu


To learn more on Sanse/21 division and Puerto Rican Spiritism please visit

Sancista Brujo Luis http://sansespiritismo.blogspot.com/




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