Good Friday bringing forth truth to the light.

Abre nkuto wirindinga cucha cuento que yo mbonda.(open your ears and listen to what I am about to say)


At the turn of Friday we will be in one of the most celebrated times in the world. When many christian beliefs stir the memory of the crucifixion and recount the days leading to his death. In many mayombe houses this is the day when you work your nkisi to bring about change to events in one’s life and in others as well. Many a house sell to the idea that this is the best time to work and unleash that energy. In actuality most of the old time mayomberos understood that the spring equinox between March and September brought about rapid movement in the earth’s tilt.


The sun rises earlier and the days become longer and so their was more time to work in the mountains, and hills where the most effective work could be staged. The old timers would say that god forgot about humanity on this day and so it was open to wreak havoc on your enemies and those that have done you wrong. The idea that on this day you would be Judio(Jewish) came from the actual phrase that if you were not christian than you were other(Jewish). Many mayombe houses are not christian and actually have sayings like my brother Bari Yaya (Alex la Salle) Ki-moro ko(I do not speak Moorish tongue). So in essence we are neither Jewish nor Christian nor Islamic we are Bantu.

Everyday since the spring equinox started around 20th of  March this is when these dimensional pulls between the earth, the moon and the sun start. Unleashing more of a fierce energetic pull between the world of the living and the world of the unseen. This is when a palero is supposed to show his work as a healer, a warrior, and a person who understands the science within our practice. The misconception that this little red devil in a skin tight suit with a pitchfork is actually kind of  exaggerated due to the fact of christian influence within the popular culture of Palo Mayombe. In Mayombe we say Somos o no Somos(we are or we are not).  Lunkankasi as a spirit or an nkisi of justice works on the abilities of human negligence and weakness. But he is definitely not the devil. Titles like Lugambe, Yenda Kumbansa, Lumucie, Lukaembo, In vodou Yabofe, this spiritual force you can not call with ideal problems.

This energy is to resolve real problems and on this day he is closest to open the door to that communication with this energy which is the counter balance of what we know as Nsambi. But since this is just the malicious force of nsambi this is his creation and within this idea comes that Lunkankasi/Nsambi are one in the same. This is the way we separate ourselves from other cultures we understand that malice and healing walk hand in hand it’s just the way a priest or priestess in our religion interprets his world view and beliefs. When it comes to the way he or she practices is not up for debate in this article.

Just trying to show that we are not satanists we are just practitioners of a faith that is truly integrated  in old world philosophy just updated in the 21st century. Mayombe has its own ritual rites and practices that are deeply rooted to the earth, the universe, and the world around us. All of this does not prove that we do not go out on these days and wish our enemies ill, We do. But as in anything when it comes to law of the universe and  justifiably behind our actions is what can move and heal or bring true spiritual destruction.


Many different spiritual denominations practice several things on this day which is April 6th Good Friday. Ritual rites throughout the world will be performed on this day. Lets be mindful that some are good and some not so good. In mayombe we are the controllers of our destiny and so what is will be and what will not be will not be.  Malembe….. Tata Musitu.


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8 Responses to “Good Friday bringing forth truth to the light.”

  1. David Sosa says:

    So happy to see these conversations being had and logical approaches to so many misconceived ntions and supertitions that hold no place with in our practices. Practices independent of Christianity or Hebrew dictatorship. BRAVO!

  2. Great topic brotha.
    It is well researched and very well spoken.

  3. Roberto Davila says:

    This is great source of info many people are so stock up in who’s the best and who know more then who. rather than help other to understand what this religion has been for centuries and what has become. And Eric Colon is a great teacher as well as a great palero my hat off to you for such a great work.

  4. Tukuenda says:

    Nsala Malongo,
    Interesting article. I have a couple questions or points to bring up.
    1. You say the old time Mayomberos understood that the earth’s tilt moved faster in the summer, I am not sure what you mean by this because it is understood that the earths tilt stays basically the same year around, although other factors effect it over longer periods of time.
    2. You say that the Mayomberos could do more work in the mountains in the summer months due to more daylight hours. Well in the Caribbean (if this is where you are referring to) there is only a 2 hour difference in daylight hours between winter and summer solstice, so it really does not give that much more daylight time. However in NY for example there is a 6 hour difference in daylight hours between solstices, which does make a big difference, if this is where you are referring to. Please clarify!

    • Christopher Bradford says:

      Malongo Yaya,

      Tata Eric may reply later, figured I’d throw in as I have a bit of time.

      I think that what Eric was referring to was how the tilt affected the seasons, leading to the lengthened days we who aren’t directly on the equator experience; I know from your excellent blog that you’re familiar with field and farm-work–2 hours more is a huge amount of difference. Certainly not as large as the difference in regions further from the equator than the Carribean, but enough of a difference to make summer a time of plenty as far as hunting and field-work goes. You’ve spent enough time out in the Monte to know the truth of that, of course. I’m sure he was referring to the Mayemberos of the Carribean; when they were in Congo (and therefore equatorial) they wouldn’t have referred to themselves as “Mayemberos”….that came after we reached the Carribean. Ntondele for your comment, mpangui. If I’m missing something, I’m sure Eric will correct me.

      I deeply enjoyed your post on spiritual heat, btw; it’s good to see Tatas and Yayis paying attention to history, nature, and ancestry and making deep observations in relation to their experience.

      • Mpangui, I understand what you are saying. Even 2 hours is a difference, although summer time seems to just give us more to do and not necessarily more time for working with the Spirit in terms of trabajos. We look at the winter season here as a time of introspection and a time to reflect in communication with the Misterios on how to move forward once the warmer weather and longer days arrive. Summer is a time to implement those understandings and decisions- more of a time of physical action. Although of course we work with the Ngangas at all times of the year.
        Nsambia Kutare!

  5. Malongo yaya tukuenda there are rocks that date back to 1 billion years from tidal wave changes that showed the earth would rotate faster. Causing the earth to have shorter days from 18-20 hr days. Not like a span of 24 hrs in the future it will expand to 50 hrs a day. So the kongo had insight into our world and the universe. It is not a regular decline of sorts but the kongo knew how to work their trabajos. As for the tilt of the earth when we launch a space shuttle it shifts the earth slightly off its axis. Gravitational pulls can fluctuate and so this would cause even in the equator to have longer days. Time was not invented and so the conventional time we know now was not implemented in those days. The study of astrology and astronomy fed this need to know what “time” is. The babylonians invented a number base of 60 to measure time. The kongos had their own form of keeping time and did so and could predict change within our world hope this helps… Malembe.

    • Npangui, That is very interesting that the day length was shorter many years ago, and would be longer in the distant future. That reminds us that nothing is ever stagnant within this physical-spiritual experience. I am also aware that earthquakes can also change the tilt of the Earth, and that the poles of the Earth are moving and have totally reversed in the ancient records of our Mother Earth. So we know that the Earth naturally shifts in her balance. We see the eclipses as times of enhanced forces between Earth, Sun and Moon, and to a lesser extent New Moon and Full Moon times of the Lunar- Solar Cycles. Eclipses can occur at many times of the year, and Full and New Moons occur year round. In eclipses Sun, Moon and Earth all align and the gravitational forces are very powerful. In terms of time, this is a topic that as people who are subjected to the “rat race” that utilizes time as a tool of oppression, we are in great need of re-evaluating and understanding from Indigenous and African perspectives the meaning and utilization of time. We find ourselves in a global system of oppression that uses time as a weapon to create anxiety, fear, greed and negative competition. We know that “Easter” is on the first sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, which puts easter usually either on a full moon (rare) or on a waning moon. , good friday also would be on a full moon, almost full moon or waning moon. This year it was on a full moon. I suggest that the moon’s movements would also have a strong influence on how we would utilize or not utilize the energies of good friday, a time when we know there is a lot of negative “ceremony” taking place, especially among christian elites.

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