Necromancy and the Living Spirit.

Alot of people are not understanding that the concept of necromancy in Mayombe is truly an illusion. Its time for people to understand that the spiritual manifestation of an Nganga is nothing more than the extension of a person in spirit form. Which means your nkisi is built on the ideal of your spiritual capacity and how it walks with you in material form. It is a living being that is encompassed in ceramic, earthen jars and even wooden fetishes. Necromancy deals a lot with goetic spirits that are in nature that never encompassed a physical form. Dark and light spirits in the goetic practices do not allow for a spirit to contain a physical form. Western necromantic practitioners summon the spirit and after a while send it away and truly do not have control of that spirit. In mayombe we control the living beings that are formed in the fetish or receptacle that we build and construct to give the spirit a physical form. Spiit’s like simbi, Yumbi, katukemba, nfumbi, kaguete, biyaya are spiritual manifestations of nature that is ever-living and is not dead. An nganga is the microcosm of our physical world made for our spiritual self/selves. In kongo philosophy to have the body die is just moving into the realm of the spiritual self, Dying in the physical realm but living on as an ancestor. So we call upon those living beings who once walked earth to bring us light, and help, healing and also justifiable destruction. People who use the terminology that we should not bow down to meet the expectations of others I am in total agreement with that. But education in mayombe is key people may think that these words are to reach out for some type of recognition. Well your sadly mistaken, We have all these medians at our disposal and i still here the same old garbage, In radio, T.V. and all other forms of communication. Guys walking around with little black cloaks saying they are palero’s and do not understand one thing of spiritual awareness and communing with the living self. The nfumbe’s symbol of bone is just that a symbol for the spirit that enhances a world within a world. When we speak of the trans-atlantic slave trade and how the ancestors came in boats with nothing and had to build from something. The very first words spoken on cuban soil.(Con tierra na ma, yo compongo un nganga con tierra na ma)(with dirt alone i build my nganga with dirt alone). The bantu people to keep in touch with the realm of the ancestral roots which is a living root was with dirt alone. For every ignorant palero you have, There is always many who know the true concept of mayombe practices. People that do not know mayombe need to study history a bit more and understand that our physical bodies transcend in to spiritual bodies and the ceremonies we apply to mayombe is what brings forth a living sentient spirit that is in the Prenda. How you work it is how you work, But we are a healing society and warriors are secondary when your foundation is strong who needs to go on fighting when you speak with the truth. The heart of a true warrior does not give into fear when he is facing his enemies. So again we fall into the topic of ceremonial magicians which are necromantic in teaching and practice. Mayombe healing society, Palo Mayombe is part of the bantu correlation of nkisi ngoma’s which are none other than the drums of affliction to promote healing through dance, Drum, prayer, herbs and calling forth deified ancestral powers who for the bantu remain ever-living within our rituals. Do not take it from me and definitely do not take it from radio’s or T.V media or any other form of communication. Study, read ask around and do your homework. All of our ceremonial time paleros use it to call living entities to work that are living in everything we do good or bad. Necromancers are magicians, We are not magicians and Palo Mayombe is not Harry Potter religion. We are not a Pseudo Science some of these paleros that go around with that nonsense need to put their Magical wands away and deal with the real issues of palo. Selling into this idea of conjuring. Mayomberos control nature and all of its duality we are the controllers of our ngangas our ngangas listen to us and so in necromancy true necromancy they can only have it for a bit and let it go. Our nkisi’s run with us until we die and become of like nature. In other words we shed this terrestrial form and become part of what is mpmeba(light or the white clay) and walk towards the sun(ntango) which is none other than the House of Nsambi. So what is the law behind this supposed necromantic ideology. Mayombe does not practice this law of darkness that only comes from the idea that since we venerate our ancestors then we are necromantic magicians. Well the next time I see a mayombero pull out a wand i will direct him to Harry Potter or Merlin. People need to stop doing comparisons to mayombe if you do not know what you are talking about the human spirit relates with other living things. Like attracts like in other words when you look at comparative teaching with palo I will go to another saying(yo jalo muerto pa saca vivo)(i pull from the dead to bring forth the living)all the work being done is to bring forth a living, breathing material force that is none other our true self in spirit form encompassed in the secret of the nkisi.  One of the greatest minds of our time said it in this quote ….Albert Einstein: “A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” .

This is what palo mayombe is when people start understanding the beauty it has then eventually people will come out of that darkness that does not allow them to see our religion for what it is and not what it is not. A practice of nature in all its facets and beauty and not some hocus pocus out of some western philosophy that does not even scratch the surface of what Palo is.


Tata Musitu…


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3 Responses to “Necromancy and the Living Spirit.”

  1. Beautiful and thank you!

  2. Christopher Bradford says:

    Excellent post!

    I think it is especially important how you highlight that Palo isn’t simply a necromantic practice; there is nothing wrong with working necromancy (which is literally “divination through the dead”), but it is just one part of a tradition that is primarily medicine. Too many paleros want to highlight this section of our practice, and then act all surprised when people see us in a negative light. Saying that Palo is necromancy is incorrect and reductive; Palo is a living spiritual tradition that incorporates necromancy among it’s many practices….practices that work to create and concentrate living forces from nature.

    What really stands out for me is the first mambo you taught me “Con Tierra Na Ma, yo compungo mi nganga, Con Tierra Na Ma”. With dirt alone I make my Nganga…our primary forces are the living forces of nature, natural expressions of Nzambi.

  3. nice know that there are others with an understanding of how we as spirit in human form are apart of the cosmic force which resides within a prenda. Keep bring the truth to light.


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