Spiritism, Mesa Blanca and the Truth behind Mayombe.


“To be a spiritist you do not need to be a mayombero. But to be a mayombero you must need to be spiritual”

Most of the times when we think of mayombe and its practices its very natural to comprehend that this is a nature based religion.The actions within a person’s natural life cycle. Birth and rearing into children after living that cycle you move on to adulthood. Then the corporal body shuts down and your physical death transforms your body. But the physical does not transform the spirit our sentient being moves forward into the realm of the ancestors and in the stars. We transform into every living being and soul and we move into everything and everywhere with constant movement. We do not die or lament in the ideal of death as a means to an end.

Spiritism is the basis of rendering homage to those that have passed on and we revere them as such. Family members and relatives that have long since passed on so we can get comfort that their spiritual existence and life after death is well. My humble beginnings are from this form of worship and the doctrine of Allan Kardec was very prevalent in my teachings. But the strict rules of spiritism did not allow other than family members and certain spiritual guides that never incarnated in flesh to come down in these sessions. Nowadays their is a barrage of misinformation regarding the idea that mayombe needs spiritism to identify what is in the nganga and how should this spirit work with you. Well my brethern I am here to let you know that spiritism as simple and beautiful that it is in and of itself. Would not regard mayombe into their teachings. Mayombe also has its own form of spirituality that is found in the mountains, rivers, hills and all that is encompassed in the world and would not need of a mediumistic white table to bring forth its own spirituality.

In the mid 1980’s this new trend evolved called Santerismo, Placating to anything from a different tradition and honoring it as its own. Taking away the supposed need for vodou priests to initiate, Palo priests to initiate and even in Orisha practices. Phrases like ” Dice ellegua, or dice erzuile dantor” Dice nsasi” became a very misinformed way of leading people into the hands of misinformed people. “Santerismo in my view though i have seen many practitioner of this new innovation truly does not exist”. But in respect to the people who practice it my comments are drawn to mayombe. The phenomenon of addressing Mayombe issues need to be addressed at the foot of an Nkisi or Nganga. When other traditions like Santerismo or any form of white table must direct itself to kind of create this idea that they speak for mayombe, You take away from our tradition. It is a formal way of bastardizing our belief system.  Ngangas do not live under a spiritual table, boveda or any other sanctified space unless it is sanctified in a ritual form of Mayombe.  Mayomberos work with the 4 cardinal points of the world. We do not use the crucifix as it mathematically incorrect to represent the four cardinal points with the roman catholic crucifix which symbolizes torture and suffering.  A true spiritists does not use or need to use these symbols. Spiritists are born not made so coronations of spiritual bodies are truly misinformed. Traditionally now in this day and age alot of people practice this. Is it correct? Well you have to reign over your own spiritual truths. Mayombe has been dealt with a raw deal among peers and practitioners alike. Yet we are evil and supposedly are not spiritual. Look around we are elevated souls with direct connection to nsambi.  Spiritism does not dictate over any ritual doctrines.. Please inform yourselves.       Tata Musitu.

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