What is Palo Mayombe?

Palo Mayombe is one way of understanding the interaction of the life force of human beings with the energies of the physical world and the greater universe. An element of this deals with spirits, including the spirits of the dead. In Palo, we have dead who are close to us as well as dead who are part of the great sea that is Kalunga, the ever-living dead who manifest in the realm of the stars and watch over us, shining their light so we may find our way. We are all spirits. At the time of death we live on as spiritual consciousness while our bodies nourish the soil (ntoto), insects, plants, and animals, weaving our physical consciousness into every living thing. We are all connected.

Palo Mayombe’s roots are in the warrior societies of the Congo, whose members were transported to the New World through the slave trade and found rich soil in which to grow and once again find freedom in Cuba. This history of persevering in the face of oppression resonates today.

When we call on the Bakulu (ancestors) in ceremony they partake of our offerings as living entities. They recognize our struggle and work with us to achieve balance and promote healing in ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world. We express our affinity with the Earth and the Universe through our practices.


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4 Responses to “What is Palo Mayombe?”

  1. I must say I am so proud that you are offering to unite and educate others within this practice. I respect this tradition very much although I am not a practitioner, and elated to see this attempt to shed a reasonable and positve light on this practice.

  2. kalunga lango says:

    thanks so much… you search anywhere else online and all you see is negative feed back about our beautiful religion….dont point fingers and judge if you dont know!! sala malekun malekun sala, sin dios no hay na!

  3. Tiembla Tierra Changani says:

    soy tata nkisi malongo de los 7 briyumbas ndianda cuaba los changani y creo que ya es hora que nosotros los mayores sin importar la rama nos unamos par un fin comun que es el rescate de nuestra religion tan hermosa, ya que en los ultimos años se han convertido las religiones en comercio o como yo digo en un mercado persa, cuanto tienes cuanto vales, y no es asi yo siento el mayombe muy dentro de mi corazon, tanto que he trabajado en muchas causas sin cobrar nada de derechos, como por ejemplo un señor viene a mi y me dice ayudeme porfabor, yo lo atiendo, le consulto y yo se porque mi nfumbe me lo dice, este hombre no tiene empleo, tiene problemas en su casa por estar desempleado, esta desesperado, al borde del suicidio y yo le voy a decir que me tiene que pagar unos derechos????? por nsambia, yo le hecho mano a lo que tengo y le resuelvo si vuelve y me agradece bien y si no tambien porque el vino a buscar mi ayuda y yo se la di, es todo, pero en la mayoria de mis casos esas personas siempre vuelven y me lo agradecen y en la mayoria de los casos me dan mucho mas que el derecho que yo deje de cobrarles, nsambia en zulu y tiembla tierra ntoto, nsala malekum, malembe

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