Leading by example

“Where there is no shame, there is no honor.”  Congo proverb

We must lead by example.  There may be times when we fall short and must learn from our mistakes in order to grow.  We all must remember that shame builds character.  How can we learn if we have no shame?  The wise Tata or Yayi guides their godchildren and corrects their mistakes while endeavoring to live an exemplary life themselves.  One of the greatest misconceptions about Palo has to do with it being a “dark” cousin of other African Traditional Religions (ATR).  While this view can be attributed in part to language barriers, a greater part is due to practitioners who act like spiritual mercenaries.  When a Palero lives and acts in a bad way, he quickly finds himself surrounded by the fruits of his labors.  The Palero who lives and acts in a good way finds himself content, full of energy, much loved, and powerful.  A Palero is first and foremost a priest who works with Nzambi (God) and the Bakulu (ancestors) to better his life and the life of others.  We are children of Mpemba (light) and we strive for spiritual growth and wisdom.  A friend shared this wisdom and now I share it with you.  “I do not do this for me. I do this for Mayombe.

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One Response to “Leading by example”

  1. Cause WE ARE SPARTA !


    just kidding, but on a serious note.
    Yes, Palo / Palo Mayombe has been portrayed negatively for quite a while. Even other websites that state this is dark or negative for instance “Palo mayombe – the darkside of santeria” is what one specific site calls it.
    this is not only blasphemous but shameful.
    We have the ability to assist and manipulate nature to assist, but when taken to a dark place, there you shall stay.
    I love this quote from a lucasfilm, it says:
    “Once you start down the darkside, forever you’ll be”
    Fricken Yoda is right.
    this site and what it stands for is great.
    I’m happy to be a part of it.
    a lot of misconceptions and wrong-doings don’t make thing correct, they just pervert something that is beautiful, My Religion.
    I can’t wait to see how much this site and Palo Society will have evolved here in 6-months. I promise it will be a sight to see.

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