A Society of American Paleros

Why an American Society?

The tremendous growth in all ramas, or paths, of Palo in the United States has brought diversity to munansos everywhere.  No longer are Paleros and Paleras Cuban or even Spanish speaking.  Sometimes new initiates lack access to elders who speak enough English to convey the subtlety of Mayombe.  Worse, false practitioners take advantage of non-Spanish speaking seekers.  One purpose of the American Society for the Preservation of Palo Mayombe is to provide good-hearted Kongo wisdom for initiates and non-initiates alike.  We have a saying in Mayombe, “Buen ensenansa vale mbombo que vale simbo” — Good teachings are worthy like the snake who brings money.  May we provide a light in the darkness for all who have been called by Nzambi to follow La Regla Congo.

It is our hope that the Society will attract practitioners who desire to learn standard practices and ideas that are shared across La Regla Congo.  The idea of standardization is not intended to change house rules or create a new rama.  Each path, whether Mayombe, Monte, Briyumba, Malongo or any other Palo lineage has its own character.  We respect that.  Just as there is a core of Kongo wisdom common to all ramas, there are American laws and societal expectations that we all live under.  It is our hope that our Rayamiento may become regarded as an initiation into our faith much as circumcision is a requirement of Judaism, and that our Palero/as are as devoted to learning and worthy of respect as Rabbis and Priests.

We hope to provide a place to share ideas, but also to be a united voice for Paleros and Paleras in the United States.  We have a right to live our religion without fear of reprisals or persecution. We have a right to worship in our own homes with our children and families.  Kongo nunca tesia, dia que tesia mundo cuaba.  Kongo never gives up, the day he gives up is the day the earth ends.

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24 Responses to “A Society of American Paleros”

  1. Okuti Yemaya says:

    Nsala Malekun…….just wanna say i love the web site. Lots of good teaching for us palero,a..To grow and to understand our right in us……….Lots of blessing ………

    • So happy that you did this. We all need a place like this. Our society need to learn about the real paleros and their believe. There is so much that we all can learn so that we understand better. Keep the good work

      • chamalongo says:

        Nsala maleku I’m so proud of you cause you will be sheding light on a lot of things. Coming from lemba I seen in this pass year a lot of disrespect. Being a yaya i have seen disrespect !I seen people receive pots and they don’t know what there getting them self into just to say they are mother or fathers its a joke!!!putting Santos on top of the gangas going with the same sex I never seen such a disrespect that is why i do not associate with people.

  2. Henry Lara says:

    Congratulations Eric..good job and a Society that is needed here in the States. Good work.

  3. Tata Tormenta Vira Vira/ Ernesto Mercer says:

    Congrats to all who have worked so long on bringing this society together. Beyond ngui but within them we strive towards tomorrow. Nsambia locutare npangui. Kongo never dies.

  4. Tata Sarabanda Brillumba Brinca Mundo/Jesus Suarez says:

    WONDERFUL!! Que Bien!!

  5. Tata Bariyaya Fula Ngando Dunkende/Alex LaSalle says:

    Nsala Malongo!!! May Nzambia Mpungu continue to shower blessings upon you, your house, and family. great job you all! this is very much needed, thanks. Padrino Miguel & Madrina Zoila and all of us from the munanzo Ngando Cuaba Bejuco Nfinda Nsasi moanafilo Batalla Sacampeño Mayombe send our love & blessings. Dale candela cimarron!

  6. TeremeneNdoki says:

    buena noche todo, saludando todo religioso aqui. palante mi jente.

  7. Tata Watroko Siete Mpaka Brillumba Kongo/CarlosCarrillo says:

    Nsala Maleku…Nzambia locutare a todos…Its time for unity in our community…Blessings desde mi KongoAviciniaBramao…NY… Union De Reyes,Matanzas,Cuba…

  8. Tata Nkuyo Nfinda Tsi says:

    Nsala Maleko. Excellent article.

  9. nsala malekum!!! Congrats eric great work!

  10. Kalunga siete mares billumba congo mayombe says:

    Nsala Maleko,

    I am happy that I have somewhere to go! Thank you!

  11. coodycoo says:

    ok wheres the part of the dragons and grails

  12. Tata Mundele says:

    Sala Maleko Mpangui!

  13. Somewhere, sometime, I hope to see your vision flourish Eric.
    I’m glad you have acted upon this.
    it’s good.
    with feedback from the community it will be great.

    It’s the Butterfly Effect, but in Palo : )

  14. Ndoki Fun says:

    Thank u TaTa!!!!!

  15. Excellent article, thank you for representing the practice accurately.

  16. Tata Nkisi Sarabanda Tronco de Malba says:

    Nsala Malekum Mpangui,

    Well Eric you did and and I’m proud of you my brother. Never forget Brooklyn and New York.

  17. Christopher Bradford says:

    Below is a comment from Tata Mbula Ntimate Sambranu 7 Rayo Lemba Congo Engo–thank you for sharing your thoughts, Tata.

    Outstanding achievement !!!

    Message Body:
    You have done the most spectacular magic of all times… The Materialization of your dreams and desires to bring together a society that is dedicated to truth and knowledge of the fine art of understanding and applying the spirituality that is so much a part of every successful aspirant to the wisdom of Palo Mayombe. Kudos to you my brother!
    Salam Malekum – Malekum Sala

  18. Kalunga Chola Nkuyo Bueno says:

    Congratulations eric for a great site. I have enjoyed my daily reading. Nsalem malekum – Malekum Sala

  19. Im looking for a palero whi name is Alex aka tata bilongo. He use to have a botanica on new york ave in union city, nj. He told me he was going to move to Pennsylvania. If anyone knows him please contact me at 75rgonz@gmail com

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